WWE veteran blasts The Elite for storming into CM Punk's locker room directly without consulting with Tony Khan

CM Punk (left) and The Elite (right)
CM Punk (left) and The Elite (right)

Jim Cornette recently shared his stance on the now-famous backstage alleged incident between CM Punk and The Elite.

Over the last few weeks, different stories have leaked from both camps, spilling the beans on what instigated the scuffle between the Chicago native and the EVPs.

Of course, Punk's explosive comments about Omega and the Young Bucks at the media scrum provoked the stable to confront the 44-year-old in his locker room.

But could the whole travesty have been avoided in the first place?

Speaking on the Jim Cornette Experience podcast, the WWE veteran questioned Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks as to why they didn't consult Tony Khan before barging into CM Punk's locker room:

"Let's wait for Tony Khan to finish his media fantasy and bring all the rest of his action figures back to the locker room. And go to Tony and say, 'What are you going to do about this?' But instead, the three main people that he's pissed at, two of their stooges, another couple of miscellaneous, locker room AEW Personnel, and Megah, all rush in at the same time. And I would assume we're not saying, 'Excuse Phil? Could we talk for a minute?' You think they wouldn't probably sound like, 'hey, what the f**k are you talking about back there?'," Cornette said. [2:30 onward]

Cornette also added that The Elite shouldn't have held CM Punk responsible just because they were battered:

"Again when it happened, you don't go, the guy's asked you to come. If you got a problem, come see me. You don't go unless you got a problem. And if you got a problem and show up, just because you're the one that gets f**king knocked out first. It's not the other guy's fault," he added. [3:20 onward]

You can check out the full clip below:


Jim Cornette feels The Elite didn't want CM Punk in AEW from the outset

Jim Cornette never shies away from expressing his thoughts, especially not against his social media rivals Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks.

The wrestling manager believes CM Punk exposed The Elite to their limited audience, which the latter took issue with:

"They didn't want Punk there from the start. I'm talking about the hardly boys [The Young Bucks] and old twinkle toes [Kenny Omega] because he exposed them. These guys he exposed for their limited audience," Cornette said.
You know what I hope the elite and cm punk come back to #aew

Nevertheless, AEW teased the imminent returns of Omega and the Bucks by dropping a cryptic video on Dynamite last week.

As for Punk, rumors have suggested that Mr. Khan is negotiating with him over a contract buyout.

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