Major AEW star discloses Jon Moxley's backstage role in building Full Gear feud

Jon Moxley signs extension with AEW in early October
Jon Moxley signed an extension with AEW in early October

One of the biggest matches at AEW Full Gear between Saraya and Britt Baker greatly benefited from Jon Moxley's work behind the scenes as a producer.

At the event on November 19th, Saraya competed in her first pro wrestling match nearly five years after suffering a severe neck injury in WWE. Before the Full Gear match, Saraya spoke about getting medically cleared by a doctor roughly three weeks before the show.

On the AEW Unrestricted podcast, Saraya discussed how former AEW World Champion Jon Moxley was helping her and Britt Baker build their Full Gear match.

“I was thinking about that promo [announcing she was clear]… we changed it up last minute with the sit-down. Me, Britt, Renee [Paquette], and Mox, because Mox has been a big producer on our segments. He said ‘I’m going to f**king make sure that we make this as best as possible.'" (H/T Fightful)

As the promo was backstage, Saraya stated why they changed it to an in-ring one the following week:

"They only gave us two minutes. We’re not going to be able to tell a story in two minutes, especially backstage and without a crowd, you can’t feel the energy. We’re just like, ‘We’re going to change this,'” she added. (H/T Fightful)
Jon Moxley has signed an extension with AEW for five years. Will expand his role into mentoring and coaching.…

Earlier in October, Moxley agreed to a five-year contract extension with AEW that involved him serving as a producer while also coaching talent.

Saraya talked about how it was beneficial to make changes without seeking approval from AEW President Tony Khan

Saraya explained that instead of doing a sit-down interview with Baker, they changed it and got more time to continue the story on the next episode of Dynamite.

Saraya talked about how they were given more TV time the following week:

“We didn’t ask Tony about it, we just did it. Britt had to go do something anyway at like five... We just went, ‘We’re going to change it and say she didn’t turn up...' We did that, it went way better, then we told Tony, 'is it okay if we get this promo next week?' Luckily, he was so great with it, even though we're changing his show on the day. 'Great, we'll get Britt backstage explaining why she didn't turn up, next week we can give you six minutes,' we went over, 'we'll give you six minutes,'" she added. (H/T Fightful)

After her first match, some fans online took to social media to criticize Saraya, but will her All Elite Wrestling debut negatively impact her chances of winning the Women's Championship? We will have to wait and see what the company has planned for her.

What do you make of Jon Moxley's role as a producer? Let us know in the comments section below.

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