Popular AEW faction features in the premiere episode of Being the Elite's replacement show

The Young bucks are multi time AEW World Tag Team Champion
The Young Bucks are multi-time AEW World Tag Team Champions

At AEW Full Gear 2023, The Young Bucks lost to Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho in a tag team match and, as a result, forfeited their shot at the World Tag Team Championship. Following the contest, the Bucks, who recently turned heel, walked out on their best friend and The Elite stablemate, Kenny Omega.

AEW star Brandon Cutler, a long-time associate of The Young Bucks, later made a series of announcements on social media about Matt and Nick Jackson. The 36-year-old first claimed that the former champions are set to take some time away from professional wrestling after Full Gear. Cutler later announced that the Bucks would end their long-running YouTube series, Being The Elite.

So far, the announcements have all proven true, as The Young Bucks have not shown up in AEW programming since their loss at Full Gear, and BTE's replacement show has aired its first episode on the Being The Elite's official YouTube channel. The new show is named Being The Dark Order and revolves around Evil Uno, John Silver, and Alex Reynolds.

Here is the first episode of the show:


AEW stars Brandon Cutler and Colt Cabana possibly aligning with The Young Bucks in "heel group" - Reports

During the recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer talked about The Young Bucks' future after their recent heel turn.

The veteran reported that Brandon Cutler and Colt Cabana will be a part of Matt and Nick Jackson's new stable after the Bucks return.

“They look to be doing a heel group with Brandon Cutler. Colt Cabana’s name has been mentioned but that doesn’t appear to be a certainty. The idea is for them to take some time off and come back as heels with major impact. It’s in the beginning stages and there’s no known time frame on when they will pull the trigger on it and they will return. BTE is also apparently going on hiatus during this period," said Meltzer. (H/t WrestlePurists)

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