Renee Paquette picks AEW star Bryan Danielson as Male Wrestler of the Year over WWE's Roman Reigns (Exclusive)

Bryan Danielson is Renee Paquette's pick for Male Wrestler of the Year
Bryan Danielson is Renee Paquette's pick for Male Wrestler of the Year

Renee Paquette picked AEW star Bryan Danielson as her Male Wrestler of The Year over Roman Reigns after The American Dragon rediscovered the "best version of himself" in 2021.

2021 was a great year for pro wrestling. AEW thrived while WWE continued to make record profits. As far as in-ring action goes, two of the biggest male singles stars of the year were Reigns for WWE and Danielson for AEW.

Speaking on the Sportskeeda Wrestling Awards panel, former WWE personality Renee Paquette made her pick for Male Wrestler of The Year. Paquette said it came down to a pick between Roman Reigns and Bryan Danielson, with both men having a fantastic 2021, but ended up going with Danielson as her pick:

I'm torn between Roman Reigns and Bryan Danielson. I think what Roman has been able to do in terms of interest and that big blockbuster name, you wanna see what he's going to do and as for character growth and development, I think Roman Reigns has been incredible to watch. Whoever he happens to be in a storyline with, I think he's so cool to watch and you can really feel him as the standard bearer, the pillar of WWE, he is that guy. He's been told that he's that guy for a long time but he is that guy right now.

Paquette added that Danielson's work serves as a source of inspiration:

On the other side you've got somebody like Bryan Danielson and I think when you're talking professional wrestling, not to take away from the entertainment side of things because he's fantastic with that as well, when you're talking just professional wrestling alone, he is the guy that everybody else looks to for inspiration, he's the guy they look to to see how holds are done, the different moves he's doing and the fact that he showed up in AEW, that was another that really blew people's minds.

You can watch Renee Young's comments on Moxley and Danielson's storyline at 19:37 in the video below.


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Renee Paquette says we're seeing the best version of Bryan Danielson in AEW

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Speaking about Bryan Danielson's AEW run so far, Renee Paquette praised the former WWE Champion, saying that we are now seeing the best version of the American Dragon. She felt that Danielson is using everything he has learned through his years in pro wrestling to feature the best version of himself:

We get to see Bryan Danielson, the best version of him, I think from all the things he's been able to learn, throughout his career from the independent scene to working for WWE and now being back and taking all of those tools and just getting to be the best version of himself, we are so lucky that we get to watch this and be a part of this. The matches he and Hangman were able to have together were insane.

Renee Young also gave her take on Bryan Danielson's storyline with her husband Jon Moxley in AEW. You can check that out HERE.

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