"They both have bad necks omg" - Wrestling world reacts to remote possibility of 3-time WWE Divas Champion joining AEW to face Saraya (FKA Paige)

The former Divas Champion during her AEW Dynamite debut.
The former Divas Champion during her AEW Dynamite debut.

Saraya (FKA Paige) recently made quite the surprising debut during the most recent AEW Dynamite. Since the star came back without a word, fans have been speculating who might follow next, with some calling for AJ Lee to come out of retirement.

Saraya and AJ Mendez (real name) had a memorable feud during the 30-year-old's WWE debut back in 2014. Across the following year, the two stars had an intense back-and-forth battle that largely saw Mendez walk away as the victor. Regardless of the outcome, the two set off what would become the Women’s Revolution in WWE.

In light of Saraya's debut, a fan took to Twitter to cheekily predict that Tony Khan would somehow convince Mendez to come out of retirement. Since the AEW President pulled off some of the most unbelievable debuts, fans have reacted wildly to the Tweet.

However, some fans believe that the former WWE Divas Champions both have neck injuries and should not take the chance. Meanwhile, others are pointing towards AEW's recent controversy with CM Punk as the catalyst to it never happening.

@WhoisVindictive after seeing how much ring rust punk had i’m nervous to see what aj would end up looking like
@WhoisVindictive Only if Punk’s not fired… I think April has legit injuries that makes her not want to wrestle if the injuries haven’t forced her to stop.
@WhoisVindictive “They both have broken necks” did that stop Kurt Angle?!🤨
@WhoisVindictive Not Now. AJ Lee will not come anywhere near AEW now.
@WhoisVindictive Tay Conti will send her back to England like Dynamite a wheelchair before this happens considering how much Punk likes them and AJ being a stickler to actual safe wrestling.
@WhoisVindictive Nah the only way she wrestles again is if she divorces punk and it will be with wwe .
@WhoisVindictive Lord I hope not!!! Anyone that wants to see Paige in the ring shows little or no regard for Paige’s well being
@WhoisVindictive Given the ongoing Punk drama, I'm going to class this as unlikely at best.
@WhoisVindictive As if Tony Khan cares about women's wrestling lol 😂
@WhoisVindictive They both have bad necks omg

Regardless of what fans have been clamoring for or against, it seems like AJ Lee might never set foot inside a wrestling ring as a performer. During an interview with Renee Paquette a few months ago, the star went into detail about her injury and how it still affects her today.

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The legendary Bill Apter commented on Saraya's AEW debut, noting that the star will affect the Women's Division greatly

While fans might not get a Saraya vs. AJ Mendez match in AEW, the former Divas Champion still has significant draw potential. Even though she's not wrestled in four years, any female wrestler who steps up to her will undoubtedly be elevated amongst fans.

This is something Bill Apter believes, as he praised AEW for surprising fans during a recent discussion with Sportskeeda.

"Nice to be totally surprised on a wrestling show seeing someone appear who you didn't think you'd see. Thank you AEW for bringing former WWE Paige -- onto the roster under her real name Saraya."

Since the former Anti-Diva has already been added to AEW's active roster page, she'll undoubtedly be in action sooner rather than later. However, with a number of top female stars in the ring during her debut, who will she take on first?

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