"That was really more like revolting" - Wrestling veteran savagely slams Saraya's (fka Paige) promo on AEW Dynamite

Saraya during her now infamous Dynamite promo.
Saraya during her now infamous Dynamite promo

AEW Dynamite recently featured Saraya's first promo, and unfortunately for the star, fans essentially had some adverse reactions to the segment. Konnan also shared his take on the situation in light of the recent criticism.

Saraya was unfortunately forced to retire back in 2018 after a severe neck injury. Fans were shocked when she parted ways with WWE in July 2022 after a lengthy tenure. However, with her AEW debut last week, fans have speculated about her return to in-ring competition.

During a recent episode of Keepin' 100, Konnan assessed Saraya's AEW Dynamite promo while also applauding the star's professionalism.

"I like Paige personally because I know her, I like her professionally, I’ve always liked her but this was way too long and I thought it was kind of unprofessional to say ‘Don’t wrap me up, I’ll stop when I want’ because if that was a shoot, you just said it into someone’s segment, okay?" Konnan said. (17:12 onward)

However, he also highlighted some major drawbacks of the former champion's segment:

"Way too much Saraya, because afterwards she was on commentary, no need for the lumberjacks, okay? And I’ve said this before, I think the star now is Hayter, and what do they do? They have Willow run her off, like really? She goes ‘I am the revolution’ that was really more like revolting.'"(17:30 onward).

While Saraya has been presented as a legitimate threat, the former WWE Divas Champion has allegedly not been medically cleared yet. A recent report suggests that the final decision will be left up to the company's in-house doctor.

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Konnan believes AEW's women's division has more problems besides Saraya's promo

As Konnan pointed out, the issues in All Elite Wrestling's Women's Division seemingly began way before Saraya's arrival. For months, fans and wrestling veterans have criticized the promotion online for not booking women in prominent storylines.

During the same podcast, Konnan criticized Saraya's mention of Toni Storm in her promo.

"When she actually said, ‘Toni Storm is being utilized to her full potential’ some people booed. I think people see what I’ve said. She doesn’t work the crowd, she’s not charismatic, she doesn’t take command of the ring, she doesn’t act like a star albeit she’s a good worker and good looking." (17:53 onward)
Destroying everything in her path, Toni Storm isn't letting up 🌬

Konnan has highlighted issues with Toni Storm's utilization in AEW since her initial feud against Thunder Rosa. With Saraya now gearing up to revolutionize the women's division, will Storm continue her dominant run? Only time will tell.

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