"You won't have to come to work tomorrow" - AEW star Saraya discloses details of her conversation with WWE legend about relinquishing GM position

The Anti-Diva has reached many milestones across her career.
The Anti-Diva has reached many milestones across her career.

Saraya was once hailed as the leader of the Women's Revolution in WWE before parting ways with the promotion earlier this year. She recently spoke on how WWE legend Road Dogg broke the news that she'd no longer be SmackDown GM.

Sometime after her terrible injury, Saraya returned to WWE as a General Manager and made limited appearances on screen. Unfortunately, as she details below, this endeavor also reached its conclusion.

During her appearance on Talk Is Jericho, the former Anti-Diva detailed how the New Age Outlaw sent her home when the GM angle wasn't working anymore:

"Road Dogg called me the day before I was supposed to fly out. Road Dogg is so sweet. He's always trying to baby me. He was just like, 'So we're probably not gonna do the GM anymore, so you won't have to come to work tomorrow,'" the 30-year-old said.

She continued, recalling her goodbye speech that resulted in her disappearance on screen:

"Then he decided that I was going to come and do a goodbye speech of GM, which I thought was really sweet too. So I ended up flying in and doing that first segment of the show and then flying back. Then I was sitting on my a** for years.” (H/T: WrestlingNews.co)

According to Fightful reports, WWE initially intended to have Saraya return as a GM after Triple H took over from Vince McMahon.

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Saraya also noted that Triple H actually personally reached out to her to try and convince her to stay with WWE

Saraya's WWE departure came as quite a shock to the wrestling world. If the star's account is true, it seems that even Triple H wasn't aware that the Anti-Diva would no longer be signed to the promotion.

During the same episode of Talk is Jericho, Saraya recalled a conversation she had with The Game shortly before leaving WWE:

“He thought it was my decision (to leave) because he wasn’t there at the time. He thought it was my decision to leave. It was Vince (McMahon) and Johnny (Laurinaitis). We got talking, but then I sat and talked to you guys, and I was like, I miss that side of wrestling where you can pitch your own ideas, and you can just have fun. It’s crazy just how different it can feel." (H/T: WrestleTalk)

The former WWE Divas Champion seems to be firmly entrenched in AEW. With Triple H's offers for talents to return going around, could the veteran eventually entice her to leave behind Tony Khan and his promotion?

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