"Someone is going to get hurt" - Matt Hardy sends WWE legend a warning ahead of major match

Matt Hardy has gone toe-to-toe with the best in the industry.
Matt Hardy has gone toe-to-toe with the best in the industry.

Matt Hardy is set to face The Last Outlaw, Jeff Jarrett, at an upcoming event outside of AEW. The Broken One has a bad feeling that things will turn bloody.

Hardy and Jarrett have come face-to-face a handful of times over the years, but their 2015 WrestleCade one-on-one match is still talked about by fans today. During the bout, DoubleJ left Matt Hardy bleeding after a harsh guitar shot to the head, something Matt hasn't forgotten.

During the recent episode of Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, the veteran spoke on their upcoming bout this Saturday at WrestleCade.

"I was like, 'of course,' I didn't expect that ... We never had a return singles match after he recklessly sliced me open with that guitar," Hardy said. "So he got a reprieve, but this Saturday the reprieve ends."
New @WrestleCade Champion!! Jeff Jarrett beats Matt Hardy in the main event!

Hardy continued, hinting that both he and Jarrett's wives could possibly add fuel to the fire between them.

"Someone is going to get hurt, for sure. This match is either going to turn out really bad, and controversial - especially if our wives are around - or, maybe there's some way we come out of this with some newfound respect." (H/T: WrestlingINC)

It remains to be seen if both men will walk away fully intact, but currently, Jeff Jarrett holds one victory over Matt Hardy, so could The Broken One even the score?

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Matt Hardy recently gave a stunning account of The Elite in terms of the infamous Brawl Out, but a WWE veteran believes the legend has ulterior motives

The backstage brawl between The Elite and CM Punk has seemingly divided both the AEW fanbase and the locker room. Some time ago, Hardy firmly announced that he was on The Elite's side, and claimed he saw firsthand that they were innocent in the entire debacle.

LMAO! Matt Hardy with the Vince McMahon tips to The Young Bucks.

Matt Hardy would then go on to clarify his statements and state that he didn't see anything. This led to the veteran being on the receiving end of ridicule from WWE veteran Jim Cornette during an episode of Jim Cornette's Drive-Thru.

"Basically what he said was ‘I’m telling you that these guys – who idolize me, and dress like me, and gave me this high-paying job when nobody else would, and potentially will bring my brother [Jeff Hardy] back when he gets his situation sorted out, and they dress like him too – I think they’re really great guys!’" (01:30 onward).

Fans didn't let Matt Hardy off either, as many of them criticized the star for his comments. Regardless of the backlash, The Broken One seems to have far bigger issues with The Chosen One coming face-to-face with him this weekend.

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