The Young Bucks reveal that their AEW Tag Team Championship win was Tony Khan's call

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If we're up to Young Bucks, their wait for tag team gold would have been longer.

Following AEW Full Gear 2020, the wrestling world was buzzing after an instant classic that saw The Young Bucks defeat FTR to win the AEW Tag Team Championships. This encounter was an amazing match that saw Matt and Nick Jackson win the gold for the first time in AEW after over a year.

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, The Young Bucks admitted that if it was up to them, the wait would have been even longer.

Following the Full Gear PPV, The Young Bucks admitted that the decision to put the AEW Tag Team Championships on them was the idea of AEW President Tony Khan. Nick Jackson stated:

“If we’d won them right away, there wouldn’t have been a struggle for our characters. We actually wanted to hold back for another year, so winning now was a Tony [Khan] call, but I’m glad it happened at the pay-per-view. It felt special, and winning it from FTR in this rivalry, in a match we never thought would happen, took it over the top.”

Matt Jackson of The Young Bucks followed up by saying:

“We wanted our story to be painful. So we kept losing, and when you finally thought we’d start winning, we’d lose more. Being fans, we know the feeling of when that pain turns to celebration, and this was the right time for us. We competed in arguably the biggest tag-team match of the last five years and finally won the tag titles in the company we helped start. Does it get any bigger than that?”

It was an epic conclusion to a well-told journey for the team. Fans will have to wait and see what the reign of The Young Bucks has in store for AEW.

The Young Bucks share a special moment with Kenny Omega

The Young Bucks also discussed with SI a special moment post-match that they had with longtime friend, Kenny Omega. The Cleaner was the first to come down and celebrate Matt and Nick's triumph at Full Gear.

“When we were in the ring after the match, Kenny kept repeating, ‘You did it! You finally did it!’” Matt says. “Nobody else could hear him but us, and it got emotional for us. Sharing that big moment together meant a lot.
“The three of us have gone through so much together in that ring. We’ve all literally grown up together, from three poor kids trying to make our names in sweaty bars and gymnasiums on the indie scene, filming silly sketches in between 10-hour bus rides, watching ringside as he and Okada rocked Tokyo Dome. We’ll always have this bond, so it was only appropriate to share such a special moment together.”

The Elite's wins at Full Gear were their first major triumph since the start of AEW and it won't be a surprise if the faction manages to add more gold to their collection.

Edited by Alan John
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