WWE legend Edge reportedly pitched ideas to top AEW tag team for a major Young Bucks angle

Would these stars have debuted in AEW without Edge?
Would these stars have debuted in AEW without Edge?

AEW's tag team division remains one of the biggest selling points of the promotion, especially among fans online. Dax Harwood recently spoke on FTR's debut angle against The Young Bucks and how Edge was involved.

After a lackluster final run in WWE and the team personally growing tired of their booking, Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler left the promotion behind and signed with AEW. Despite some hiccups in their booking over the past few years, FTR remains one of the biggest teams in the promotion.

In the latest FTR with Dax Harwood, the former AEW World Tag Team Champion recalled the conversation he had with Edge before FTR's debut.

"I'd talked to Edge about the angle before we even went to AEW. I was like, 'How can I make this angle personal?' and he gave me all these ideas about how we can say that we left the biggest company in the world to come find them."
A Year Ago, FTR made their All Elite Wrestling debut on AEW DynamiteA Year of FTR on AEW has been great but thinking about the debut it could have been better

Dax continued, levying even more praise on the Rated-R Superstar.

"He is just so freakin smart, Adam, that is, Edge. So smart. But yeah, I've been thinking about this match for a very, very long time." (H/T WrestlingNews)

Despite the veteran's loud online detractors, Harwood has been very open with his support of CM Punk. In contrast to some of the reactions after All Out 2022, fans are now beginning to clamor to see FTR team up with a returning CM Punk.

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Dax Harwood also noted the reasons behind FTR's name in AEW and the legal battle behind it

Ever since their 2020 debut, fans have been wondering what the name FTR stands for. Fans have had their own speculations on what the name could mean, but Dax recently spoke on the name and possibly settled the matter for good.

4/6 FTR vs. Young BucksAEW DynamiteA super fun wrestling time. Young Bucks are such great jerks and FTR are such great guys. FTR are also did so great in the peril wanting the hot tag role.

During the same episode, Harwood recalled the issues he had with Caleb Konley and Zane Riley to secure the "Fear The Revolt" name.

"We said, 'Look, we will pay for your copyright as The Revolt so you can have The Revolt. Then we will also give you a percentage of whatever merch we sell that has the name Revolt on it. They said no. We ended up winning and we got the name Fear The Revolt." (H/T WrestlingNews)

Despite this, Tony Khan still stepped in and convinced Dax to just go with FTR instead to avoid any more conflict.

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