Top AEW star supports The Bella Twins against being omitted from RAW's 30th-anniversary celebration

The Bella Twins are WWE Hall of Famers.
The Bella Twins are WWE Hall of Famers

A few AEW stars were featured in the RAW XXX promo video. However, the video drew some flak online for omitting top female stars. In light of this, The Bella Twins called the promotion out for their omission, which caught the attention of Saraya.

While the promo video showcased AEW stars like Chris Jericho, Christian Cage, and even Matt Sydal, Saraya and former WWE Superstar Mercedes Moné (Sasha Banks) were surprisingly absent from the package.

In an Instagram live video, The Bella Twins took a jab at WWE, claiming they purposely chose to exclude the two female athletes. In response to a Twitter user tagging her, Saraya voiced her appreciation for The Bella Twins.

"I love me some @BellaTwins they’re my girls right there!" Saraya tweeted.
I love me some @BellaTwins they’re my girls right there!…

Saraya has otherwise been quite busy online, as she yet again advocated for AEW to sign her brother, Zak Zodiac. The two sibling wrestlers are only a year apart and undoubtedly close, making it only natural that The Anti-Diva would like to see her brother perform on the big stage.

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Saraya and Toni Storm recently turned heel on AEW Dynamite, but Jim Cornette is not impressed

During last week's Dynamite, Saraya and Toni Storm seemed to have had enough of Willow Nightingale as the two attacked the star even after costing her the match. This was a shock to many since both former WWE stars were introduced as significant babyfaces.

Saraya & Toni Storm turn heel 😳 #AEW #AEWDynamite

During an episode of The Jim Cornette Experience, the former wrestling manager questioned the segment and blamed Storm and Saraya's prior booking for the decision.

"Three months later, she’s a f**king heel by popular demand? Was it the rotton booking that accidentally made it necessary or was this the idea that they had and they pulled it off to perfection?" noted Cornette. (01:10:18 onward)

The two stars are yet to break their silence on the matter, but some fans online believe this will open the door for Mercedes Moné to side with Saraya and Toni Storm since she's also currently a heel.

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