"The table turned heel" - Twitter blows up following popular AEW star's scary bump in match involving Sting on Rampage: Grand Slam

Fans on Twitter erupted upon a certain sequence during Sting
Fans on Twitter erupted upon a certain sequence during Sting's match on AEW Rampage: Grand Slam.

On the latest edition of AEW Rampage: Grand Slam, Sting and Darby Allin defeated The House of Black's Brody King and Buddy Matthews (with Julia Hart at ringside) in a no disqualification tag team match.

However, during the penultimate moments, The Great Muta (Keiji Muto) surprisingly appeared to save Sting by spraying Matthews' eyes with his iconic green mist.

The former WWE Superstar was completely dazed as he bumped into Hart, who in turn went for a nasty fall through a table at ringside and hit her head on the guardrail.

😱 The Great MUTA @muto_keiji is here at #AEWRampage Grand Slam! One of @Sting’s greatest rivals of all time has appeared - but where do his loyalties lie? It’s #AEWRampage Grand Slam on @tntdrama!

Fans quickly expressed their reactions to the AEW star's horrific bump, with some of them even thinking she would've been out completely on the spot.

Julia hart looked like she bout died on that table spot
If Julia Hart hadn’t tweeted yesterday, I would of thought the worst for her after missing the table spot
@colleemo The table turned heel on Julia hart in the scariest spot I saw this week
@_denisesalcedo I never saw anyone go through a table and just the chunk they touched broke out. Crazy.
GOOD LORD !!!! That Julia Hart table spot on Rampage !!! She completely missed the table and took a nasty bump on her head falling backwards

One fan, meanwhile, claimed that if The House of Black's valet didn't get a concussion from that hard fall, it would be shocking.

I hope Julia Hart is ok, that was such a nasty and dangerous spot though a table Jesus Christ. If she isn’t concussed or anything I’ll be shocked. She would pull a miracle.

This user called out AEW by saying that the company should start handling safe working conditions for its wrestlers. He even said that Julia's spot could've been much more dangerous as to that of Owen Hart.

They gotta start working safer in @AEW. That table spot with Julia Hart coulda easily been as tragic as Owen Hart.

Moreover, some believed that the spacing between the table and the guardrail was the issue.

The space between the ring and the guardrail was too small for a table spot like that for Julia Hart#AEWRampage

One user stated that the situation might get worse if Hart went through a more solid table.

@_denisesalcedo Coudl have been worse if that was a real more solid table.

Another user sarcastically claimed that Hart was rather doing an impersonation of hardcore wrestler Cactus Jack (Mick Foley).

@_denisesalcedo Doin her best Cactus Jack back drop on that one 😬💀 Yeesh

Lastly, this netizen hilariously stated that the tables in AEW were made like Pringles chips, which were easy to break.

@_denisesalcedo Table breaks like it's made from Pringles.

Check out the results of this week's Rampage here.

AEW star Julia Hart gave an update following the scary table bump

After a mind-blowing botch through a table during last night's AEW Rampage: Grand Slam, Julia Hart of The House of Black went out on Twitter by announcing that she was completely fine.

It was Hart's teammate, Brody King, who initially gave an update that she and her hat made it safely, which was seconded by The House of Black's valet.

Me and my hat are okay🖤…

With last night's loss to Sting and Darby Allin, the dark-laden stable suffered another crushing blow as they accumulated three straight losses in group action (whether trios or tag team).

With their leader Malakai Black still not around, it will be interesting to see if The House of Black will be able to find a new identity to intimidate their counterparts.

What are your thoughts on Julia Hart's botch last night on Rampage: Grand Slam? Sound off in the comments section below.

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