"Go join Cody [Rhodes] as fast as you can" - Twitter explodes as popular AEW star makes a surprising claim following recent massive victory

Could this AEW star become the focal point in AEW?
Could this AEW star become the focal point of AEW?

The wrestling world recently reacted to AEW star Ricky Starks' bold claim following his massive victory on the Grand Slam edition of Rampage.

Starks faced his former stablemate, Powerhouse Hobbs, in an "unsanctioned" Lights Out Match in the main event of this week's Friday night show. After a hellacious battle between the friend-turned-enemies, the former FTW Champion picked up the win with the Roshambo.

Afterward, a fan stated that Ricky Starks should be considered on the same level as the "pillars" of All Elite Wrestling. Starks responded and claimed he didn't want to be associated with "any pillar talk."

The former Team Taz member added that he stands alone and is fully capable of supporting himself.

Sorry, I don’t wish to be involved in any pillar talk. We’re way past that convo. You can leave it to those guys to be enclosed by those definitionsI’m stand alone. Island supporting himself…

Twitterati exploded soon after his response, and below are a few of the reactions to the same:

@starkmanjones Go join Cody as fast as you can
@starkmanjones It's because you're the future of WWE 🤣🤣
@starkmanjones lol we're still doing the pillar thing I thought that fizzled out like it should have?
@starkmanjones Who wants to be a pillar when you're there to bring the house down, right?
@starkmanjones Pillars wish they were half as good as Ricky Starks.
@starkmanjones love the wit of dismissing it as "pillar talk."
@starkmanjones When the pillars come out for the trio’s belts tho.
@starkmanjones I agree except for the island commentTheres only one island of relevancy
@starkmanjones Planet Starks is his own Galaxy!

You can check out the full results of Rampage HERE.

AEW star Ricky Starks recently disclosed one aspect of his comparison with The Rock that he dislikes

During his recent interview with Cameron Hawkins of The Ringer, Starks opened up about the comparisons that are made between him and WWE legend The Rock. The AEW star said that he doesn't hate them and that it is a "huge compliment."

However, Ricky Starks dislikes the notion that he steals The Brahma Bull's gimmick.

"I really don’t [hate the comparison]. In fact, it’s a huge compliment to have. I think there’s a misconception that I hate the comparison; I actually don’t. What I hate about the comparison sometimes is people say, 'You steal the Rock. You try to be just like …' And it’s like, I actually don’t," Starks noted.

During the same interview, Starks claimed that The Rock was number three on his list of favorite wrestlers. He then named WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker as his most-liked superstar.

"The Rock was never (…) The Rock was no. 3 on my list of favorite wrestlers; Undertaker was no. 1. So when people try to discredit my talents because they think I’m trying to be someone else [copying The Rock], that’s when I have an issue with it," Starks added.

With a big win on AEW Rampage: Grand Slam, it will be interesting to see how Tony Khan books Ricky Starks in the coming weeks.

Do you think Starks can reach the level of The Rock or The Undertaker in the future? Let us know in the comments section below.

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