Wrestlers and Tony Khan associate provide clarification on House of Black rumors from AEW Collision

The House of Black inside the steel cage on AEW Collision
The House of Black inside the steel cage on AEW Collision

One AEW executive and multiple wrestlers are reacting to the claim that The House of Black refused to lose clean in a recent major match.

Malakai Black recently issued a response to a fan on social media who claimed he refused to take a pin or put others over. The House of Black leader denied the accusation, and that was that. Then Black, Brody King, and Buddy Matthews were booked in a Steel Cage Elimination Match on Saturday's AEW Collision against FTR and Daniel Garcia. Days later, AEW began referring to this as an Escape The Cage Elimination Match. The bout ended when Mark Briscoe helped Garcia escape the cage before Black could make it out.

The talk against Black and his faction continued this week when Dave Meltzer implied on Wrestling Observer Radio that the nature of the match may have changed because The House of Black didn't want to take losses.

Black has not addressed the speculation this week, but Matthews took to X and knocked Meltzer. He included a screenshot of his AEW roster page, which shows his 2024 record at 1-3 and his overall record with the company at 25-13.

"For a 'Reporter' he doesn’t know much of do ANY research! lol," Matthews wrote.

King also took to X to respond to Meltzer today. He refuted the speculation and provided clarification on Collision's main event.

"Funny how someone’s opinion just becomes fact because they’ve been watching wrestling a long time. The format and stipulation of the cage match was always what it was going to be. It’s not our fault the wording on the graphic changed," King wrote.

Finally, Will Washington responded with comments on X. AEW's Wrestling Administration Coordinator attempted to clear up rumors on the Collision match change.

"I usually don't comment on stuff like this, but before this idea spreads or gets out of hand, the wording change was just for clarity. It was absolutely escape rules when the first match graphic dropped," Washington wrote.

The feud between FTR and The House of Black is expected to be over, at least for the most part, following Saturday's main event on Collision.

Dave Meltzer on reaching out to Tony Khan about AEW storyline

There's been a lot of social media talk about just how close Tony Khan is to Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer and if AEW receives favorable coverage from the outlet.

The legendary Sting is set to retire at Revolution in March, teaming with Darby Allin to face The Young Bucks. This comes after The Great Muta had a high-profile retirement last year, which Sting was also involved in.

Speaking to McGuire on Wrestling, Meltzer previously talked about how he reached out to the AEW President with ideas for The Icon's retirement.

"I don't remember if I sent, talked or emailed Tony Khan, but I definitely contacted Tony Khan after that final [Pro Wrestling] NOAH match that [The Great] Muta wrestled and I go, 'This is your template.' Whenever it comes time for Sting, look for this for ideas because NOAH did such a phenomenal job," Meltzer said.

Sting and Allin are set to challenge World Tag Team Champions Big Bill and Ricky Starks on this week's Dynamite. A win would open the door for The Young Bucks to receive a title shot in the retirement match at Revolution.

What do you think of The House of Black's current situation? Do you think AEW receives favorable coverage from the Wrestling Observer? Sound off in the comments below!

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