“Wtf Triple H,” “Lashley’s sisters?” - WWE Universe explodes as Tony Khan announces latest AEW signing

AEW President Tony Khan and WWE
AEW President Tony Khan and WWE's Bobby Lashley and Triple H [Photo courtesy of AEW's YouTube Channel and WWE's Official Website]

AEW President Tony Khan has just revealed that a high-profile former WWE figure will be joining his promotion, and work with him backstage. The person in question would be Jennifer Pepperman.

A few days ago, it was reported that Pepperman had opted out of her contract with the Stamford-based promotion, after working as a Senior Writer and Producer for them since 2017.

After reports came in earlier today stating that Jennifer had signed with AEW and an announcement would be coming soon, Tony Khan made the official reveal that she would be joining the promotion and taking the role of All Elite Vice President of Content.

Most fans liked the signing and believed that Tony Khan made a great decision in bringing her in. She was also reported to be close to Mercedes Moné, and once both are on board officially, this could be a great move for the women's division.

Other fans hoped that her addition to the company could help in the production of some quality storylines, as this has been seen as an area where fans feel the promotion could use some improvements.

One fan even jokingly referenced a storyline featuring Bobby Lashley that took place in WWE when Pepperman was still around and featured AEW star Max Caster.

QT Marshall set to return to AEW to resume backstage role

Another reported addition to AEW would be the return of QT Marshall to his backstage role.

A few months ago, Marshall revealed that he had resigned from his role within the company. His official departure was at the end of 2023. Several sources revealed that he had apparently patched up things with the company, and was going to return to his role.

On a recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed that Tony Khan had left the door open for QT Marshall to return, and so he did so, where he could both work backstage and appear in some events on the independent circuit.

“QT is going to be essentially (…) his key role is going to be talent development as well as trainer and everything like that. So he left on December 31st, and Tony Khan said‌ if he wanted to come back, the door was open, and I guess he wanted to come back. I know the idea was he wanted to make it as a main-event wrestler. He worked a bunch of indies. But he can still work those indies. So he’s coming back for that job. So, [he is] starting up soon,” he said. [3:14 - 3:52]

With AEW now having major additions both in terms of its roster and backstage personnel, it seems they are indeed entering a new era, and this great streak may be capped off with their first pay-per-view of 2024, Revolution, happening in just under two weeks.

What are you looking forward to most at Revolution? Let us know in the comments section below.

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