"Yeah and so will Undertaker" - Wrestling fans react to wild predictions about WWE legend Goldberg debuting in AEW

Goldberg (left); The Undertaker (right)
Goldberg (left); The Undertaker (right)

The wrestling world recently reacted to wild claims about WWE legend Goldberg joining AEW.

The 56-year-old Hall of Famer last competed in the sports entertainment juggernaut at Elimination Chamber 2022. In the event, he challenged Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship. However, he failed to dethrone The Tribal Chief on the night and suffered a submission loss.

Goldberg's future with WWE is seemingly unclear despite reports of him signing a new contract in late 2022. One fan recently hilariously claimed on social media that the former Universal Champion could be signing with All Elite Wrestling this year.

My Legit 100% Source "Goldberg next week on AEW Dynamite is 100% done, and most likely will sign if, everything goes to plan; which hasn't this moment. But will b4 a Wednesday some time this year. Some say soon as this week is definitely not anytime soon will debut!"

The Twitterati erupted to the highly unlikely scenario about Goldberg joining the Jacksonville-based promotion, and below are some of the reactions to the same.

@TheSwerveShow Yeah and so will Undertaker sure mate 😂
@TheSwerveShow Sad thing is if it’s true is that at his age he’ll be in the top 5 on the roster in terms of size. He will look like a grown adult surrounded by children.
@TheSwerveShow Finally Goldberg will get 5 stars from Dave
One signing I think AEW should make is Goldberg, I mean just imagine the dream matches we could see! Definitely would be a sight to see, we can only hope!
AEW Fans stop saying we want GoldbergHe is just a 2 move wrestler who will bring nothing to the tablePlus he also has a ego who will not put over against talentAlso even for bad matches he will charge high feesGoldberg to Aew is both bad idea and bad investment.
@chrisobread Darby might be able to pull out a **** match with him
@WrestleHausen Job him to Wardlow, then show him the door.
@WrestleHausen Goldberg would be the Nia Jax of AEW. I don’t need the male roster getting swiftly injured.
@WrestleHausen @SrPerograph An appearance and maybe an interaction with Sting would actually be pretty cool

You can check out the full results of Dynamite HERE.

AEW star Jeff Jarrett recently opened up about TNA's interest in signing WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg

While speaking on the My World podcast, Jarrett revealed that former TNA (now IMPACT Wrestling) President Dixie Carter had a substantial interest in signing Goldberg to the promotion.

However, Jeff Jarrett believes that the former WWE Universal Champion wasn't as enthusiastic about a potential move.

"Dixie [Carter] had a lunch with him several years later that I think you could classify [as interest] on Dixie's part for sure, substantially. I don't think on Bill's part," Jarrett said.

The current AEW star further stated that adding Goldberg to the TNA roster was never a realistic possibility due to the amount of money he earned in WCW and WWE.

"Bill made a lot of money in WCW and made a lot of money at WWE. Bill's a businessman first and foremost. I never viewed any of the conversations with Bill as substantial strictly off of there isn't enough money for Bill to come."
The WWE debut of GOLDBERG! 🔥

It remains to be seen if Tony Khan can pull off something for AEW that Dixie Carter failed to do for her promotion, i.e., signing WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg.

Do you think the 56-year-old legend could move to All Elite Wrestling somewhere down the line? Let us know in the comments section below.

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