"You know he's not coming back" - WWE Hall of Famer is convinced major AEW star is following in John Cena's footsteps out of the wrestling industry

WWE Superstar John Cena has been successful outside pro wrestling.
WWE Superstar John Cena has been successful outside pro wrestling.

WWE legend Eric Bischoff believes that AEW star MJF will pattern his career path outside wrestling, similar to John Cena.

While at the peak of his WWE career, Cena started acting in 2006 when he starred in The Marine. Since the mid-2010s, he has focused on his Hollywood gig, resulting in his in-ring appearances becoming part-time in the Stamford-based promotion.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman, meanwhile, is the current AEW World Champion after defeating Jon Moxley last week at Full Gear. He is known for his exceptional mic skills and ability to hook people's emotions in his promos.

On his Strictly Business podcast, Bischoff noted that MJF has the tools necessary to venture into the entertainment industry. He also claimed that the AEW star might leave wrestling if there is a much better opportunity in acting.

"You've got MJF, who I think probably has the ability to at some point in his life to play at whatever level of the entertainment business he chooses to," Bischoff said. "If you're Tony Khan and all of a sudden MJF gets a part and an opportunity to be in a big movie and once he does, you know he's not coming back, then yeah, it's bad," he added.

The WWE Hall of Famer further speculated when Cena might have decided to invest himself in Hollywood and that the 26-year-old could do the same in the future.

"Your guy that you used to have under contract for X amount of dollars a year is now making four times that much, or 10 times that much, for doing a movie. John Cena was at the end of his in-ring career... He was good for the industry in general," Bischoff explained. [H/T Wrestling Inc]
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It was reported that The Salt of the Earth would star in an upcoming biopic, The Iron Claw, about the Von Erich Family. He will play the role of Lance Von Erich, aka William Kevin "Ricky" Vaughn, who wasn't related to the iconic family in real life.

MJF was absent on AEW Dynamite, and a WWE veteran addressed his whereabouts

Following his world title win at Full Gear, Maxwell Jacob Friedman didn't appear on this week's episode of Dynamite. Instead, William Regal, the man who unexpectedly helped him get the job done, spoke on his behalf.

The former WWE personality toyed with the Chicago, Illinois crowd by asking them if they would like to hear from MJF before ultimately revealing that he would be around next week instead in Indiana.

Regal then disclosed that The Salt of the Earth was filming "a major motion picture," which was the reported The Iron Claw film.

Do you think AEW star MJF will venture into Hollywood like WWE Superstar John Cena? Sound off in the comments section.

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