Former WWE personality reportedly moved to major backstage role in AEW

Former WWE name reportedly moved to major backstage role in AEW
AEW and WWE are among the top wrestling promotions in the United States

Many WWE talents have jumped ship to AEW since the Jacksonville-based company's inception in 2019, including Pat Buck. According to a recent report, the former producer has now been shifted to a new role in All Elite Wrestling.

Buck worked for Stamford-based promotion between 2019 and 2022. He left WWE in April 2022 and was hired by AEW as a coach just two weeks after his departure. In August 2022, the 38-year-old was promoted to Vice President of Talent Relations in All Elite Wrestling.

PWInsider has reported that Pat Buck has now been moved to the role of Vice President of Talent Coaching in AEW. The new position will likely allow him to oversee the coaching staff for matches on Dynamite and Collision.

The report also added that Buck has already brought some major names to the setup, including Ari Daivari and Sarah Stock.

The new change may have already started to pay dividends for AEW, as Daivari reportedly produced the incredible AEW World Tag Team Championship match between FTR and Bullet Club Gold. The bout took place on the July 15, 2023, edition of Collision.

AEW executive reveals details about his WWE departure

Pat Buck jumped ship to AEW after requesting his release post-WrestleMania 38. Since his signing, Buck has been integral to the Jacksonville-based company's backstage team.

During an interview in 2022 on the Unrestricted podcast, Pat Buck revealed how he quickly got the offer to jump to AEW following his WWE departure.

"I submitted my release on a Monday morning, post-WrestleMania [38] before RAW, and I was on a plane ride back, and a certain talent texted me, ‘Hey, Tony would like to speak with you on Wednesday.’ So, I guess you can say it was a short 12 hours or maybe a little bit longer, maybe 24 hours."

Buck added that he was thankful to the WWE staff for keeping his exit a secret.

"I think people would assume that when I quit WWE, I didn’t have this lined up. Did I hope in my heart that I would be here? For sure. But I took a gamble on myself. It [his exit] didn’t get out for quite a while, so I was quite shocked, and that goes to show you the different kind of respect people have in the locker room."

All Elite Wrestling has benefited a lot with the addition of Pat Buck to their backstage team, as he has helped coach talents and produce incredible matches for the company.

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