Sammy Guevara has come a long way in his time with AEW

The Spanish God has become one of the great young stars of All Elite Wrestling
The Spanish God has become one of the great young stars of All Elite Wrestling

For years, Sammy Guevara was considered one of the most promising prospects on the independent scene. It seemed as if the world was just waiting for him to break out in a major promotion.

Enter AEW and owner Tony Khan, who saw the potential in The Spanish God immediately, making him one of the company's initial signings. From there he has grown exponentially.

At first, Guevara showed flashes of potential and some burgeoning mic skills. However? There still seemed to be something missing. It was his alignment with the legendary Chris Jericho that really gave him a springboard to true success.

Once Le Champion put Guevara in the Inner Circle, it was an opportunity to shine in an even brighter spotlight.

Chris Jericho putting over Sammy Guevara big time in a post-match promo. Feels like a potential star-making match and moment for him. #AEW #DoubleOrNothing

Once Guevara donned that Inner Circle t-shirt? It was like a whole new world for him in AEW. Not only from getting the 'rub' from a multi-time world champion, but also the opportunity to be in several high-profile, main event matches.

While All Elite Wrestling has several other great young performers like Jungle Boy, Darby Allin and (of course) MJF, Guevara has set himself apart in his own, unique way.

He was able to upset the seemingly unstoppable Miro to become just the fifth man to hold the AEW TNT championship on September 29th. His victory was met with raucous approval by the audience, as Guevara has easily become one of the promotion's most beloved figures.

#AndNew Sammy Guevara defeats Miro to become the new TNT champion in what was a banger of a main event. The Spanish gawd gets his first title win in AEW. It’s about damn time πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎ #AEWDynamite

Guevara has every single intangible to be part of the foundation for AEW in the months and years to come. He's a good looking kid with a ton of charisma, he's an amazing athlete, and he has just enough swagger that he makes you want to watch every time he comes on your TV screen. He's learned how to command the camera β€” so to speak β€” during his career in AEW.

There's no telling how far this high flyer will soar with the promotion. But, so far? So good.

The future is bright for this AEW original, as he continues to improve on the biggest stage of his life. He's thriving now and there's no reason to believe that he won't eventually ascend to the world title picture.

Who knows? Maybe someday... The Spanish God might reign supreme in All Elite Wrestling.

What do you think about Sammy Guevara's future in All Elite Wrestling? Do you think he could be a future AEW World Champion someday? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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