Seth Rollins could turn heel if 22-year wrestling veteran shows up in WWE

Seth Rollins is currently one of the biggest stars in WWE right now
Seth Rollins is currently one of the biggest stars in WWE

Former WWE Champion Seth Rollins has been enjoying his time as a babyface for quite a while now. But will fans ever see him go back to his villainous ways? The entry of a particular veteran may just do the trick.

The debutant in question, Kenny Omega, has had an online rivalry with the Visionary in the past. Given that both Omega and Rollins are two of the biggest stars in their respective promotions, speculation of a dream match is quite inevitable. Rollins himself seemed quite interested in the bout as he called out The Cleaner back in 2019.

WWE has reportedly already shown an interest in acquiring the former AEW World Champion. With his contract supposedly nearing its end this year, Kenny Omega could legitimately show up in the Stamford-based Promotion. For his first feud, his history with a heel Seth Rollins makes for a perfect story.

The Messiah Seth Rollins Vs The Cleaner Kenny Omega. Who would win???

The WWE Superstar previously explained why he called Kenny Omega out

Seth Rollins is apparently not interested in going to AEW, even though he has expressed his wish to face Kenny Omega.

During an interview with Corey Graves on the After The Bell podcast, The visionary elaborated on the reason for calling out The Cleaner. He also mentioned that Omega was yet to make any big moves in the Stamford-based Promotion.

"I just sit there and say, ‘Oh, Kenny Omega what a talent. I would love to wrestle him one day.’ Bah! That doesn’t make a headline. That’s boring and then JR’s got nothing to talk about. Kenny’s great, but Kenny’s never proven himself in the WWE. So, that’s what I was saying. WWE is the top of the mountain and I’m the guy sitting at the top of the mountain. So, if Kenny wants to come and play in the major leagues, then that’s fine. The bottom line is, I want Kenny to come to me because I’m not going to him anytime soon.” (H/T- WrestlingInc)
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As of now, it remains to be seen whether Seth Rollins will get his wish in the future.

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