"That's where RAW just destroys them" - Konnan explains real reason why AEW is lagging behind WWE 

Konnan has made some critical assessments of AEW.
Konnan has made some critical assessments of AEW.

AEW has been compared to WWE since it first debuted in 2019, especially with all the stars formerly from the competition. During a recent podcast, Konnan detailed why he believes that WWE RAW has specifically been better than Dynamite.

Tony Khan's booking has often received a mixed reception online, with some fans heavily brigading in favor of it while others harshly criticize it. Even after nearly four years, the topic remains relevant, as Khan has seemingly not hit the sweet spot with his fans.

During the latest Keepin' It 100, a Konnan addressed Khan's mentality while booking AEW, and why he believes this keeps them from catching up to WWE.

"I just think that his mentality is – looking at the three years of his history – he’s kinda like New Japan. Heavy on good matches for the hardcores, and not really on storytelling, and that’s where RAW just destroys them because not only do they have good storytelling, all their matches are good. So they’ve got the perfect balance over there," Konnan said. [27:46 onward]
AEW x NJPW: Forbidden Door card looking fire🔥(via @AEWonTV)

During another episode of Keepin' It 100, Konnan touched on Jay White's rumored AEW debut and surprisingly advised the star against signing with the promotion.

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Disco Inferno also had a lot to say about Tony Khan's faults in booking AEW

Disco Inferno has notably been very critical of All Elite Wrestling and recently spoke on Anna Jay's scary spot during an episode of Rampage. Notably, he blamed the JAS star instead of Willow Nightingale, who was meant to powerbomb her through a table.

Anna Jay got hit with a power bomb from the top of the ramp straight to the floor. It hurts to watch this. #AEWRampage

During the same episode, Disco Inferno also weighed in on Tony Khan's prowess as a booker.

"I think they’ll always emphasize matches and moves because Tony has never been a storyteller. Tony books the show like a booker, he books matches, and the storylines aren’t very story. He’ll book a match on Rampage, tell the guy to do a 40-second promo, and that’s the jist. The longterm storytelling, everybody knows what the finish is," Disco said. [26:03 onward]

Could the WCW veterans have a point about the direction that Khan is taking AEW in? Unfortunately, the promotion's viewership ratings over the past few months tell a grim tale, and perhaps fans are not as happy with the product as they were a few years ago.

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