What's next for Kenny Omega now that he has lost the AEW World title?

Ryan K Boman
What's in the immediate future for The Best Bout Machine?
What does the immediate future hold for The Best Bout Machine?

At AEW Full Gear we saw a tremendous title change as Hangman Adam Page fulfilled his destiny, capturing the World championship and ending the 346 day reign of Kenny Omega.

It was a terrific moment for Page, who wrestled in the finals to crown the first champion two years ago, eventually losing to Chris Jericho. From there, he waited a long time for another shot and took full advantage.

The AEW audience was happy to add to the soundtrack of the situation, loudly voicing their approval as The Cowboy was coronated with the crown. On the flip side, as Page begins his time atop the mountain, it appears Omega may be out of the title picture for awhile.

Shout to Kenny Omega. The man had a great title reign, put on great matches while hurt, and in a fun faction. He truly doesn’t get enough credit

Omega has spent much of the company's existence as a true workhorse, putting on stellar matches with several different opponents. He even pulled triple duty as he traveled to both IMPACT Wrestling and AAA, capturing their main titles, and ruling over all three promotions at the same time as 'The Belt Collector.'

For years, Omega has pushed himself to always be in the very best match on the card. His tenure with AEW has been no different. Of course, he will always be remembered for his time previously in New Japan and the series of classic showdowns with Kazuchika Okada. Those matches will always be remembered as some of the greatest in pro wrestling history.

Reports indicate that Kenny Omega is suffering multiple injuries, and that he worked hurt at AEW Full Gear this weekend.

Report: Kenny Omega Worked AEW Full Gear 2021 With A Hurt Shoulder

Omega has been a workhorse in wrestling and is very entertaining to watch. So in essence, passing the torch to Page might serve two purposes. Obviously, it gave Hangman his much-deserved moment in the sun.

However, it may also be a way to keep Omega away from action for a while before healing up and coming back at a later date. He's a valuable commodity for Tony Khan and company, so it is understandable that AEW may want to protect one of their top stars in this way.

Omega could still make television appearances, cut promos or help his fellow Elite members cheat during their matches. That wouldn't put any stress on his body, while still keeping him as an important character on both Dynamite and Rampage.

If Omega is truly suffering right now, all of his fans around the world are sure to understand. At 38 years old, he's still got a lot of classic matches left in him. So let's hope he doesn't continue to push himself and risk an even more serious injury down the road. It would be a shame to see such a great career end prematurely.

Do you think Kenny Omega will take some time off now that he is no longer the AEW World champion? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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