6 most hilarious William Regal moments 

William Regal and Tajiri webbed out many funny moments together.
William Regal and Tajiri webbed out many funny moments together.

Apart from impeccable wrestling acumen, William Regal also has a Midas touch at delivering hilarious segments and creating timeless moments.

Arguably the kingpin of facial expressions in the pro-wrestling realm, Regal has earned massive accolades for being an out-and-out entertainer with his character portrayal skills.

While there are numerous wrestlers who incorporate the catalyst of comedy, Regal's ability to remain believably authentic at in-ring work even while displaying hilarious antics during matches and segments makes him a class apart.

Over the 40 years of his unbelievable career, there hasn't been a single character "Mr. Electricity" has played in which he failed to bestow his funny side among fans.

This article attempts to shed light on 6 of his best comedy moments. Let's take a dive:

#6. William Regal's freestyle

When William Regal took on Freestyle

On a Monday Night RAW episode in 2010, the notable rapper Flavor Flav appeared and got involved in a fun backstage freestyle-clash with William Regal. With his incredibly heelish royal persona, Regal stamped a memorable freestyle to be remembered for ages. The "Straight Up Gangsta Trippin" proclamation was the perfect icing on the cake.

#5. Cursed by Danhausen

Danhausen curses William Regal and he sells it like crazy. 😂This AEW post-show stuff is just so wonderful.

Regal has always obliged to put over comedy acts and recently, he paralleled Danhausen's curse act in a post-AEW Dynamite segment. From amazingly depicted facial expressions to trembling attempts to stand on his feet, Regal did a masterful job of putting Danhausen over and giving fans a treat.

#4. Reuniting with Tajiri


One of the finest odd-pairings ever, William Regal and Tajiri went great over with the fans in mid 2000s. They even won tag titles, but what made their team special was the oil-and-water portrayals of their respective personas.

The idea was Regal being constantly annoyed with Tajiri, who always tried to follow him with his mysterious gleeful giggle. When the Japanese Buzzshaw returned to WWE during the Cruiserweight Classic Tournament in 2016, the two turned the clock backwards to entertain the fans.

#3. Ninja Regal

Ninjal Regal and The Dazzler Bryan Danielson! Awesome stuff!

Widely regarded as one of Regal's most underrated comedy performances ever, his portrayal of an exasperated and frangible ninja alongside Bryan Danielson (then Daniel Bryan) was a treat to watch. From his sudden reactions to his spot-on varying expressions, Regal got the job done. The best part was the visible note that he was thoroughly enjoying the act.

#2. The wrong cup of tea


Undoubtedly the most famous William Regal moment was the infamous wrong cup of tea (nasty one, wasn't it?). The segment is so etched in the minds of wrestling fans that Chris Jericho's mere mention of it recently on AEW Dynamite after 22 long years, made the fans go crazy.

This segment is a perfectly self-explanatory statement as to why Regal is said to have the best facial expressions in the industry. If it wasn't for his perfect display of disgust, the segment would have fizzled out.

#1. Trading places match against Goldust


In a bizarre stipulation match-up against "The Bizarre One" himself, Roulette revealed Regal and Goldust to lock horns in a Trading Places match. This meant Regal came out dressed as Goldust and wrestled an entertaining match that's talked about till date.

From making his entrance in Goldust's attire to the signature face paint, his entrance was enough to tear the house down. Regal expressing his frustration at being dressed as Goldust throughout the match was a masterclass. But topping the pizza was his Goldust "slow breath-quick biting" impression.

We got the AEW Women's World Champion to run down the Forbidden Door Card with us here.

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