The community to witness a 'strange' crossover as Valkyrae and Noah Schnapp might pair up for an Among Us stream

Valkyrae reveals Among Us stream with Stranger Things star is on the table (Image via Valkyrae YouTube)
Valkyrae reveals Among Us stream with Stranger Things star is on the table (Image via Valkyrae YouTube)

YouTube streamer Rachaell "Valkyrae" Hofstetter recently revealed that she has been speaking to Stranger Things sensation Noah Schnapp to arrange an Among Us stream for the entire community.

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She is perhaps one of the biggest names in the streaming community, who played a massive role in invigorating InnserSloth's murder-mystery title in 2020 which helped her bag the role of Content Creator of the Year at the Game Awards.


Valkyrae has been seen streaming Among Us with some of the biggest names in the community, including the ‘Tonight Show’ talk host, Jimmy Fallon.

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With how things are shaping up, the community could witness another crossover when Valkyrae pairs up with Noah for a game of Among Us.

Will Valkyrae pair up with Noah for an Among Us stream?

The "Queen of YouTube" revealed that she has been exchanging messages about a possible Among Us stream but the results have been rather underwhelming.

“I’m having just the weirdest conversation with Noah. So like two months ago we were supposed to play Among Us and then he said he was busy. I was like ‘okay, let me know what day and time and we can play in a lobby.’ That was April 12.”

She stated that Noah replied on May 27th, two months after they struck up a conversation on the subject. Not just that, he also suggested that they play a different game because Among Us has died out.

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Valkyrae responded by revealing that even Corpse Husband wanted to be a part of their stream and believes Among Us would be easiest to play.

The American streamer concluded by saying:

“He’s probably going to be like ‘no, it’s cool, we can play Among Us, I’ll let you know when I’m available’ and then he’s going to ghost me. Again. So that’s how I’m thinking this is going to go.”

Even though Corpse Husband announced that he would be taking a break from streaming to focus on bigger projects, the trio of Valkyrae, Noah and the faceless YouTuber are bound to attract thousands of viewers.

Be that as it may, the community will have to wait a while longer to see what comes out of their interaction.

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