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Ash with most of his Pokemon (Image via OLM Incorporated)

10 of Ash's Pokemon, ranked weakest to strongest

Ash’s journey to becoming the best ever took him through lots of different regions. It allowed him to meet tons of strong Pokemon partners that accompanied him during his most difficult battles.

But between all the Pokemon he has captured, who is the strongest? Who is his ace?


This list will show you who we think are Ash’s strongest partners, from the least powerful to the biggest powerhouses in his arsenal.

Note: This list will be based on the author’s opinions and contain spoilers for multiple Pokemon seasons.


Who amongst Ash’s Pokemon will take the lead?

10) Goodra


Goodra might not have been Ash’s number one Pokemon during his time with him, but it was a strong contender. What Goodra lacked in offensive skills, it more than made for in defensive stats and a ready-to-counter moveset.

Goodra’s specialty was the move Bide, an attack that takes the damage inflicted by the Pokemon that used it and returns it with double the strength after receiving a couple of hits.

Thanks to Goodra’s tank-like defense, the amount of damage it could produce when Bide took effect was massive. Even when it didn’t always land the move, Goodra is undoubtedly one of Ash’s best.


9) Snorlax

Snorlax is a classic when thinking about Pokemon, and during his time with Ash, it was also a fan favorite. Known very well for when he could use six moves instead of the usual four, this creature was also known for his top endurance.


Snorlax will always be one of Ash’s most reliable options for receiving and dishing out devastating blows. Its speed is not something to take lightly, as it is surprisingly quick for its size.

8) Dragonite


One of Ash’s friendliest and cuddliest friends, Dragonite has also been a powerhouse during Ash’s Journeys saga. The first Pokemon caught during the season, Dragonite has proven to be one of the most formidable members of the team and a reliable partner in a difficult fight.

Dragonite’s status as a pseudo-Legendary helps it cement its potion in the list, and it has the victories and moves to prove it deserves it. So, don’t take this hug-loving Pokemon lightly, or you will be surprised by his power.

7) Dracovish


Dracovish is the first fossil Pokemon in Ash’s team and, at the moment, has proven to be an incredible ally during the season. In its first battle against a trainer, Dracovish impressed everyone by being able to catch Iris’ Dragonite with its mouth and instantly knocking it out using an Ice Fang.

Despite its friendly nature and liking for biting Ash’s head, Dracovish has proven to be formidable when out in the arena and will undoubtedly continue to help the protagonist during Master class.

6) Sceptile


One of Ash’s fastest and most agile Pokemon so far, with strong plant-type moves to use against its opponents. Sceptile was the only one in Ash’s match against Tobias to take down his Darkrai. After that, it was able to catch a Speed-form Deoxys.

Scpetile’s adventures during his Hoenn journey gave him a lot of experience, making him a great asset to Ash’s team when it came back for the Sinnoh league semifinals. A great and strong partner for our protagonist.

5) Infernape


After being abandoned by Paul, who considered it useless, Ash took Chimchar under his wing. With time and experience, it was finally able to become an Infernape, the creature you’re looking for when in need of raw power.

Its Blaze ability and high endurance during fights are ominous signs for those opponents who can’t knock it down quickly. As Infernape takes more damage, its ability allows it to become stronger, making it unstoppable when on the verge of defeat.

4) Charizard


One of Ash’s most iconic Pokemon, Charizard has become a fearsome opponent. After being sent to train with other Charizards for a while, it obtained a massive boost in strength, which helped it immensely under challenging battles.

Its attacks are backed up by brutal power, and his fighting instincts make him a dangerous foe while on the battlefield. While it didn’t listen to Ash’s commands initially, Charizard is now one of Ash’s most inseparable friends.

3) Lucario


Lucario has always been an option fans wanted to see fight besides Ash. And during the Journeys saga, that wish was finally granted. Like the next entry on the list, Lucario and Ash share a bond so tight that it allows them to be entirely in sync during battle.

After its training with Greninja, Lucario generated a massive Aura Sphere, able to easily take down a Gigantamax Duraludon. And the strength of its Mega form makes it easy to give Lucario the bronze medal.

2) Greninja


Greninja surprised fans worldwide when his bond with Ash allowed him to take a completely new and unique form. His ability to know Ash’s wishes by connecting with him through their bond made him an incredible fighter.

Many fans complained about his loss against Alain’s Charizard. What they don’t consider is that Alain’s partner was able to fight toe-to-toe against various Legendary Pokemon. The fact that Greninja could almost match that strength is beyond incredible.

1) Pikachu

Ash’s best friend, first Pokemon, and most loyal companion, Pikachu has been with him through thick and thin. Years of experience have allowed Pikachu to obtain a massive amount of knowledge and strength in battles.

Although it has suffered some pretty terrible losses, we need to consider that Pikachu usually is not regarded as powerful. Even so, it has been able to defeat numerous Legendaries and battle without help against some of the strongest opponents.

And don’t forget it is the sole user of an explosive Z move. Pikachu will always be the face of the franchise and Ash’s best team member.

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