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Everybody knows who the worst Komi Can't Communicate character is (Image via TV Man Union)

10 Komi Can't Communicate characters with the least likable personalities, ranked

Komi Can't Communicate has many lovable characters, but it's also a series with some less than likable personalities. Although Komi may like them and befriend them on her journey to making a hundred friends, some anime and manga fans aren't as eager to see them. Everybody has different preferences, but there are some common denominators regarding unpopular characters.

Season 2 of Komi Can't Communicate is officially underway on Netflix, and fans love every minute of it. However, not all of the characters on this list will necessarily come from the anime; there is a manga, after all.


Most characters are great, but a handful of characters tend to draw the ire of the fanbase. Some of the characters on this list are ranked solely because they can be annoying or have a specific trait that can be seen as undesirable.

Ranking the least likable characters in Komi Can't Communicate


10) Najimi Osana

He's a fun character with just the occasional annoying moment (Image via TV Man Union)

Najimi Osana is a character one either loves or hates. They often get into some hilarious moments in Komi Can't Communicate, but they also get Komi into some uncomfortable situations. Not to mention, they can be a chatterbox and be annoying in some scenes.

They are unquestionably the most popular character on this list, but their personality can sometimes leave a lot to be desired.

9) Kiyoko Isagi

Shippers might not like her (Image via Weekly Shōnen Sunday)

She's a manga character who can best be described as a germaphobe who constantly interrupts Naruse's ship with Ase. She's a strict character whom some people in the fandom consider largely pointless, although some fans might find the interruptions to be humorous.


One can't really fault her for having a specific phobia, yet she has a penchant for being inconvenient for Naruse x Ase enjoyers.

8) Yadano Makeru

The facial expressions don't help (Image via TV Man Union)

A competitive spirit is a great trait to have, but it's not very interesting by itself. However, Yadano is overly obsessed with competing with somebody who doesn't want to be her rival. Delusions are common in Komi Can't Communicate, especially when flanderized.

Komi has another rival character known as Netsuno, who is far more interesting. In this case, there isn't much to Yadano's personality on her own, which can lead to one being indifferent to her.

7) Otori Kaede

Otori would be a hassle to deal with outside of Komi Can't Communicate (Image via TV Man Union)

Otori is ditzy, softspoken, and is easily distracted. While it can lead to some interesting situations, one could also argue that the gags aren't all that amusing by themselves. She's not the worst in Komi Can't Communicate, especially since the next characters have more dislikable traits.

6) Shinobino Mono


A ninja simp is basically Shinobino's entire character. He has a neat design, but he is just one of many students who hate on Tadano early in the series because Tadano gets close with Komi. The kissing scene with Tadano in Season 2 was cute, but he's otherwise just a background character.

He's usually with his friends, Chiarai and Shonada. There's not much to go off their characters, with Shinobino being on this list simply because he's the most memorable of the trio.

5) Toutoi Son

Toutoi Son has a cool design at least (Image via Weekly Shōnen Sunday)

A character who looks like Buddha but is lustful is an interesting concept. Unfortunately for Toutoi Son, characters in Komi Can't Communicate tend to be flat characters, and perverted characters are often divisive. It's a good design, but he's not funny or particularly memorable.

Given how many likable characters there are in the manga, Toutoi Son just naturally ranks lower compared to such a fun cast.

4) Anchi Arisa

Anchi will get under the skin of some Komi Can't Communicate anime-only fans (Image via Weekly Shōnen Sunday)

Anchi Arisa has her fans in the Komi Can't Communicate fandom, but there's no denying that her personality would be insufferable to deal with in real life. There is something refreshing about her not instantly liking Komi like practically every other character, but her debut nonetheless garnered some negative attention.

She even admitted that one of her hobbies was starting flame wars.

3) Sukida Lily

She's a shipper (Image via Weekly Shōnen Sunday)

Shipping is a massive part of any anime fanbase, but shipper characters tend to have grating personalities that some fans just don't like. It isn't just that she's a shipper; she actively hates "normie ships" like Tadano x Komi.

Anybody who remembers how toxic shipping can be should remember somebody unbearable like Sukida Lily in real life.

2) Himiko Agari

Agari can be annoying to a lot of Komi Can't Communicate fans (Image via TV Man Union)

An early debut doesn't necessarily save Himiko Agari from having some less than desirable character traits. While there's nothing wrong with being shy, her character essentially devolves into being a masochistic dog with a running gag involving her chest.

She fits in with the weird school, although it's easy to see why some Komi Can't Communicate fans get uncomfortable when she's on-screen.

1) Ren Yamai


Yandere characters are often divisive in anime. Unsurprisingly, Ren Yamai is a character that rubs the fanbase off the wrong way. She is Komi's stalker and is overly obsessed with the titular character to the point where she doesn't come across as endearing.

Some fans also can't forgive her for kidnapping Tadano early on in Komi Can't Communicate. The implications weren't comfortable for some fans, and that's not all she does to make herself seem unlikable.


Perverts are nothing new in anime, but it's not a great trait to add to an already divisive character. This obsession also results in her trying to break up Tadano and Komi's relationship after they start dating, although she thankfully never kills Tadano.

Anybody who has been in the fanbase knows that Ren Yamai is the most disliked character by a country mile.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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