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10 My Hero Academia funny moments that still make fans laugh

My Hero Academia is never without its laughs, despite its relatively dark subject matter.

Shonen manga often maintains a delicate balance of serious and funny moments. My Hero Academia is no different in that regard. Fans always look forward to silly interactions between the heroes. Even the villains get their chance to showcase their comedic timing.


My Hero Academia uses different types of humor, whether it's slapstick comedy or sarcastic remarks. Fans can either smirk in response or laugh out loud. Here's a look at the more humorous side of the series.

Funniest moments in My Hero Academia history

10) Kendo keeps Monoma in check


Neito Monoma never forgave Class 1-A for stealing his spotlight at the Sports Festival. Ever since then, he has become far more animated with his antics in My Hero Academia. Expect an unhinged rant whenever he shows up.

Class 1-B often has to babysit him for his childish behavior. Itsuka Kendo is usually the one who brings Monoma back down to earth.

It's a classic anime trope, but physical comedy is still fun to watch. Poor Monoma never catches a break from Kendo, yet it's well deserved.


9) Ashido finds out Ochako likes Midoriya

Right before the Paranormal Liberation War, the female students decided to change in a locker room. Ochako kept the All Might keychain from Midoriya, which she accidentally misplaced here.

Mina Ashido figured out that Ochako liked Midoriya, which led to her excited proclamation that she knew it. Then again, Ochako has made it exceedingly obvious to everybody. More than a few My Hero Academia fans enjoy seeing her get flustered like this.


8) Shigaraki needs money to enjoy some lunch

Before they defeated the Meta Liberation Army, the League of Villains were completely starving. They were low on money and were constantly on the run from law enforcement. After Shigaraki awakened his powers and overcame Re-Destro, he took over the latter's army.

With his newfound resources at hand, Shigaraki remembers an earlier complaint from Mr. Compress. They didn't get to eat any sushi, so Shigaraki decided to ask for some money. In the end, Re-Destro had to pay for his lunch.

7) Sato becomes the Room King

Right before the Provisional License Exams, Class 1-A got to check out their new dorm rooms. It's a comedic highlight reel for My Hero Academia fans.


Everybody gets to show off their personalities here, which can lead to funny moments. For example, nobody bothers going to Mineta's room after a very disturbing invitation from him. Midoriya also has the world's biggest collection of All Might merchandise.

In the end, Rikido Sato only wins because he baked a cake for all the girls. Some guys even called him out for this, given that his room was completely bland.

6) Bakugo comes up with his hero name

My Hero Academia fans can expect to see Bakugo's name on this list several times. With his brash personality and lack of social awareness, he is among the funniest characters in the series.

Speaking of which, he puts it on full display in the Field Training arc. Class 1-A has to come up with hero names for themselves. The scene itself is amusing to watch, since Midnight has a peculiar taste in what she likes and doesn't like.

Bakugo caps off the scene with the ridiculous name "King Explosion Murder," which is something an edgy teenager would think of. Unsurprisingly, the hero name was outright rejected by Midnight.


5) Kaminari cheers everybody up

Needless to say, Aizawa was extremely unhappy with his students after the Hideout Raid. They ended up breaking his trust when it came to saving Bakugo. They were very lucky when they weren't expelled from the U.A.

With that said, a very serious moment in My Hero Academia suddenly becomes funny shortly afterwards. Bakugo decides to drag Kaminari somewhere, puts him past his wattage limit, then forces him to look funny.

Class 1-A cannot help but laugh, especially Kyoka Jiro. It borders on comedic sociopathy, yet Bakugo did it for the greater good.

4) Best Jeanist gives Bakugo a makeover


Bakugo is everything Best Jeanist is not in My Hero Academia. The former is always the loudest person in the room, whereas the latter prefers to speak very little. During the Field Training arc, Bakugo was forced to learn under the Pro Hero, despite his best objections.

Best Jeanist does his best to make Bakugo into a mature person, complete with a brand new haircut. Predictably, the latter wasn't pleased with the results. It doesn't take long for Bakugo to go back to his old ways.

3) Hatsume falls on Midoriya

Midoriya simply wanted to meet his friends in the Development Studio. Unfortunately for Ochako, Mei Hatsume made her introduction in explosive fashion. After the smoke clears, Midoriya realizes that she fell on top of him.

The priceless reactions from everybody make this scene work. Poor Ochako has to watch how it all transpires. Midoriya's facial expressions are what seal the deal.

2) Bakugo gives the class a speech


Class 1-A could only recoil in horror when they realized Bakugo would represent them in a speech at the Sports Festival. He predictably makes enemies with every single other classroom by declaring himself the best student. Bakugo was met with thunderous boos from the audience.

Within a span of a few seconds, Class 1-A becomes the biggest target in My Hero Academia. What makes it better is that all of them knew this would happen.

1) Midoriya gets hit right where it hurts

Midoriya never catches a break from anybody in My Hero Academia. During the Forest Training Camp, he was introduced to a small child named Kota. Midoriya offered a friendly greeting, only to be punched right below the belt.

He can break all the bones he wants, but this is what hurts the most. What makes it funnier is when Tenya Ida rushes to his friend's aid. His comical reaction and physical timing are always greatly appreciated in My Hero Academia.

Bakugo could also barely contain his laughter, calling Kota a "precious brat." His amusement turns to anger when Shoto directly compares him to the child.

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