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Kimimaro is one Naruto character who truly suffered (Image via Studio Pierrot)

10 Naruto characters who have suffered the most, ranked

Hatred, pain and suffering play a role in various Naruto character backstories. Their trauma has molded and shaped them, usually for the worse, unless they have some aid out of the darkness.

Fans have pitied all of these characters and even empathized with more than a few. Some sufferings are obvious, like Naruto himself, Gaara, Nagato, Obito, and others. Then there are those who fans don't usually think about who have suffered. This article will chronicle that depressing suffering.


Note: As these are only ten characters, this list is neither comprehensive nor exhaustive. Spoilers are included for all of Naruto, including Boruto and Naruto Shippuden.

Ten Naruto characters who went through the most


10) Kakashi Hatake

kakashi hatake icons


Kakashi? Here? Yes, and here's why. As a kid, his father committed suicide following ostracization after failing to complete a mission properly. Even as Kakashi dove deeper into the rules, his trauma increased after having to leave Obito behind before losing Rin shortly afterward. All this made him especially vulnerable to Danzo Shimura's manipulations.

Long story short, Kakashi was part of the Anbu Black Ops following the Fourth Hokage's death and Root shortly after. After defecting from there, he became a teacher and helped other people with their problems, or at least tried to.

Everything came flooding back when he faced Obito on the battlefield.


9) Kahyō

A single mother, who lost her husband to drinking and then her son due to a lack of doctors. Need there be anything more said about this once villain?


Kahyō was once found in the Hidden Mist village but was part of the lower caste and therefore considered disposable.

She and her husband fled, but it was no better in the Land of Water. Her husband died of alcohol poisoning, and her son died from hornet stings.

She joined a terrorist group to weed out the world's corruption but was thankfully convinced to turn against them by Kakashi when the group nearly blew up an airship full of civilians. She was made the warden of the Blood Prison and cut the secondary offense rate in half.

8) Naruto Uzumaki


The title character was, of course, going to make it onto this list. Naruto grew up an orphan, ostracized by his village for having Kurama inside him, had barely any friends, and could've turned villainous like some people on this list. So, what's the difference between Naruto and Gaara or Pain?

Naruto had aid in the form of Ichiraku Ramen, Iruka, and his own convictions. Of course, he also secretly had the word and promise of the Third Hokage, so no assassination attempts were made on his life.

However, having people in your corner doesn't negate the social isolation and need for acceptance. It only made it slightly easier to deal with.

7) Sasuke Uchiha

turned upside down when Itachi killed their entire clan. This would eventually send Sasuke down a path filled with darkness and loneliness. He would later be consumed by his pursuit of power, aiming to kill Itachi and avenge his clan all the while. This lonely path eventually >>

An obvious choice for a list like this, Sasuke is the only surviving member of the Uchiha clan massacre. He witnessed all this at the age of seven, after having a good life and not knowing what was happening.

It didn't help that Itachi put him under a genjutsu, forced him to relive the suffering caused, and told him to hate him to survive.

Of course, Sasuke's further actions down the road were informed by his trauma, though some are inexcusable. However, to say he didn't suffer would be wrong on so many levels.

Childhood suffering can and does affect people as adults, as most of these examples will attest.

6) Nagato/Pain

Pain and his Six Paths (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Nagato/Pain already deserves to be on this list owing to being a war orphan and losing one of his best friends after campaigning for peace. While Nagato may have had Yahiko and Konan's support, everything was seemingly set up for him to fail.

His parents were killed after defending themselves from marauding Shinobi, he nearly starved to death, his original Akatsuki were killed thanks to Obito, and Yahiko died thanks to Hanzo.

Anyone would mentally break after all that tragedy happening to them. Nagato just broke harder than most and became Pain to ensure his vision of peace through Pain would come true.

However, he just ended up making a further mess of the world until he, too, was dueled by Naruto and defeated. Ultimately, he perpetuated the cycle of hatred, and it backfired spectacularly.

5) Chino and Fushin


These two are complicated to talk about, so this will be as simple as possible. Chino was raised as a member of the Chinoike Clan in the aptly named Valley of Hell. An extended period of violence stained Chino's childhood, resulting in the near-extinction of her clan save for her father, En Oyashiro, and Chino, and her father trained her as a killing machine.

Fushin/Nowaki, on the other hand, was born poverty-stricken in the land of water and blamed for a typhoon. Fushin was sold as a slave and endured torture and starvation.

In a story mirroring Nagato's, Fushin, Chino, and several others would escape their slavery and form the Lightning Group, acting as Robin Hoods across the land. When the Hidden Mist betrayed the group, the two entertained the idea of revenge against the Hidden Mist and other villages.

It led to death and pain and was only stopped by Sasuke Uchiha later on.


4) Gaara

Of course, Gaara makes the list thanks to his backstory. The Shukaku was implanted in him before he was born, and this caused his mother's death.


After that, he faced assassination attempt after assassination attempt from his father, his uncle, and several villagers. This caused Shukaku to go berserk and forced Gaara to emotionally shut down and become sadistic.

He demonstrated this by killing anyone who even looked at him funny. Thankfully, he was broken out of this trauma after dueling with Naruto and the support of Kankuro and Temari afterward.

As Kazekage, he worked to ensure this type of pain wouldn't happen again.

3) Haku

Haku using Ice Release (Image via Studio Pierrot)

While Haku is mainly known for being one of Naruto's first villains and Zabuza's right hand, his suffering is less discussed. Again, the short version is that he's the same case as Fushin.

His Kekkei Genkai ice control was considered a curse to everyone around him, including his mother, who also possessed it. His father killed his mother, tried killing him, and was killed in turn.

Being raised as a weapon to do Zabuza's bidding isn't the best childhood, and neither is hiding his emotions for so long. Of course, Naruto helped Haku or tried to discover the root cause of his problem.

Haku died for Zabuza, as he was the only person to show him any kindness.

2) Kawaki


Kawaki, the now adopted son of Naruto in Boruto, was raised by a physically abusive father. Kawaki was malnourished and beaten if he didn't follow instructions, and as if that wasn't enough, he was s**ualy abused.

A man selling goldfish seemed to be a way out, only to turn out to be a child r**ist. If that wasn't enough, he was "rescued" by the guy who'd used his body as his vessel!

Despite his rough exterior, Kawaki has gone through the wringer as a person, and he's not even an adult. Is it any wonder he's so obsessed and attached to Naruto if all that happened to him?

He certainly earns his spot this high up on the list for sure.

1) Kimimaro


This tragic tale of one of Orochimaru's vessels was a problem for Gaara and Rock Lee. He was the last survivor of the Kaguya clan after the clan all killed themselves.

During Naruto's quest to retrieve Sasuke, Kimimaro stood in the former's team's way. Kimimaro saw Orochimaru as his savior after he helped him out, even though Orochimaru only used him as a vessel.

Like Kawaki, Kimimaro was used as a potential vessel only to be stricken with illness. Gaara and Lee made him burn his energy fighting them with his unique bone kekkei genkai, and he would've killed them if his illness hadn't killed him first.

Note: This article solely reflects the author's personal opinions.

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