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Chrollo Lucilfer is one of the most intelligent Hunter x Hunter characters (Image via Madhouse)

10 smartest characters in Hunter x Hunter, ranked

Essentially, all of the characters in Hunter x Hunter are geniuses in their own right. Some are capable of creating complex battle strategies that accurately predict the thoughts and actions of the opponent and always go off without a hitch. Others can analyze their enemies' characteristics and thought patterns during a fight to react perfectly to whatever is thrown at them.

Due to there being so many intelligent characters in Hunter x Hunter, it can be difficult to decipher who is a cut above the rest in terms of intelligence.


Here is a list detailing the 10 characters in Hunter x Hunter who remain unrivaled in terms of mental ability.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the author's opinion.


The 10 most intelligent characters in Hunter x Hunter, ranked from most to least


1) Chimera Ant King Meruem

Meruem as he appears during his fight with Netero (Image via Madhouse)

Meruem was praised for being the smartest character in the entire Hunter x Hunter series. As a result of the Chimera Ant Queen consuming an exorbitant amount of humans, Meruem was born with unmatched memory and incredible intellect.

Using these inherent qualities, Meruem was able to master board games by only reading the rules. He was so good at them, in fact, that he was able to beat the national champions in Chess, Go, and Shogi multiple times in only a couple of rounds. Despite this impressive display of intelligence, Meruem could never defeat the Gungi national champion, Komugi.


Every time he played against her, he would further enhance his problem-solving skills and his ability to formulate strategies, but not once could he defeat her. Komugi is the one person Meruem was never able to defeat in a board game or anything in general.

2) Ging Freecss


Although not a great father, Ging Freecss is an expert Nen user and is amazingly intelligent. Ging has displayed his intelligence throughout the Hunter x Hunter series.

He predicted a good number of Gon's major actions since leaving Whale Island, up to him meeting Kite. During the 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc, Ging was also able to outplay the rest of the Zodiacs by correctly guessing what the process for deciding the rules was going to be.

Ging's ability to deduce small clues and think quickly are only some of the characteristics that make him one of the strongest Hunters in the series.

3) Pariston Hill


Pariston Hill is sly and cunning. Due to him being incredibly unpredictable, it is almost impossible for others to tell what he is thinking. He is also one of the only characters in Hunter x Hunter capable of matching Ging in terms of intellect.

He was able to secretly manipulate the entire Hunter Association to fit his needs for three years as Vice Chairman. Although Ging was able to figure out some of his plans, Pariston's thought process and primary motivations still remain a secret.

4) Chrollo Lucilfer


As the leader of the notorious Phantom Troupe, Chrollo Lucilfer's plans have never failed. He also displays a wealth of knowledge and unrivaled intuition.

Lucilfer successfully manipulated every mafia family into believing he and the rest of the Troupe had died during the Yorknew City arc. This allowed them to easily come back and take out the Mafia efficiently. Chrollo could also predict Kurapika's strategy to get revenge for the Kurta Clan massacre.

5) Hisoka Morow

Hisoka as he appears during the Hunter Exam in Hunter x Hunter (Image via Madhouse)

Hisoka is an excellent strategist and master trickster. He was able to manipulate the entire Phantom Troupe into staying in Yorknew City by forging a prophecy he had received only minutes prior. He was also able to successfully fool the Phantom Troupe into thinking he was an actual member.

Another display of his intelligence is the creation of his personality-based Nen test. By observing a person's personality and looking through common traits, Hisoka can determine their Nen Type. He has previously admitted that the test is not reliable; however, it has never been wrong before in Hunter x Hunter.

6) Isaac Netero

Netero as he appears during the chimera ant raid (Image via Madhouse)

Although Netero is incredibly smart naturally, most of the intelligence that he demonstrates results from experience and battle-hardened instincts. During his fight with Meruem, he was capable of making split-second decisions to perform the perfect attack.

Netero was also capable of being the Chairman of an organization as crazy as the Hunter Association. He dealt with internal conflicts swiftly and effectively, leaving no room for permanent damage.

7) Biscuit Krueger


Biscuit Krueger, also known as Bisky, is a master of Nen basics. She was once Ging's teacher when he was learning Nen and more recently became Gon and Killua's Nen teacher during the Greed Island arc.

She was able to deduce the weaknesses of the Greed Island monsters within seconds using her knowledge of Nen and analytical ability. Many of the combat predictions she has made throughout the series have turned out to be true.

8) Killua Zoldyck


Killua has both prodigy-level intuition and keen analytical abilities. He was able to deduce that Illumi had inserted a Nen needle in his brain and pulled it out swiftly.

Another demonstration of his intelligence is his problem-solving. Whenever he and Gon find themselves in a challenging situation, he can apply what he knows to get them both out of it.

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of Killua's intellect is his use of creativity along with logic. This was what allowed him to create his strongest Nen ability, Godspeed.

9) Komugi

Komugi with her eyes open in Hunter x Hunter (Image via Madhouse)

Komugi has been said to be incredibly incompetent in everything besides Gungi, and it is her Gungi playing ability that has landed her on this list.

During the Chimera Ant arc, Meruem effortlessly beat the East Gorteau national champions in Chess, Go, and Shogi. However, he was severely outclassed when he decided to play Komugi, the Gungi world champion. Even up until his death, he could not win a single Gungi match against her.

Komugi was able to play against Meruem's superhuman intellect repeatedly and win each Gungi match. She is also a Nen genius as she began to unconsciously awaken her Nen as a result of playing Gungi with Meruem.

10) Milluki Zoldyck

Not many of Milluki's abilities are shown in the Hunter x Hunter anime, but it is clear that he is the best with computers in the Zoldyck Family. He has displayed immense skill in hacking other computers, programming various applications, and inventing multiple items used in assassinations.

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