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Usopp would prefer to avoid combat situations (Image via Toei Animation)

4 One Piece characters that Usopp can barely defeat (and 4 he never will)

Usopp isn't a very strong character in One Piece, but he shouldn't be underestimated.

The tactical sniper is arguably the weakest member of the Straw Hat Pirates. Instead of relying on his physical capabilities, Usopp prefers to maintain his distance. He's very good at picking targets from a faraway position. However, he loses straight up in a confrontation.


One Piece doesn't always decide matches based on pure raw strength. All it takes is a little bit of strategy to get ahead. If anybody can pull off a major upset, it's someone like Usopp.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind there will be some manga spoilers in this article.


One Piece characters that Usopp can beat but barely


4) Mr. 5

Their first encounter in the Little Garden arc was a great showcase of Usopp's intelligence. He took advantage of Mr. 5's Devil Fruit, the Bomu Bomu no Mi, by feeding him spicy Tabasco sauce. Usopp almost managed to blow up the Baroque Works agent.

Now that Usopp is stronger after the One Piece time skip, the sniper has more useful tools at his disposal. For example, he can use Pop Greens to summon gigantic plant monsters.


3) Don Krieg


The Pirate Fleet Admiral was a strong opponent in the early days of One Piece, back in the East Blue saga. He utilized several weapons in battle via his full plate armor. Krieg is able to launch flamethrowers, throw dozens of spears, and release poisonous gas.

Usopp is not without his options since he can use smokescreens to blind his opponents. He can also set up a few strong attacks with his Pop Greens, such as Midori Boshi: Impact Wolf.

2) Buggy the Clown


Both of these competitors are rather cowardly, but that's what makes them comedic gold in One Piece.

Buggy's special ability lets him split body parts and telekinetically move them via the Bara Bara no Mi. He can also blow up entire buildings with his Buggy Balls.

Usopp does have a distinct advantage with his marksmanship. Back in Dressrosa, the sniper had developed his skills with Observation Haki. Even if Buggy split his body into several pieces, Usopp would likely hit any target he desires.

1) Blueno


This might seem controversial, but Usopp does have a chance here. Blueno is a CP9 agent from the Water 7 and Enies Lobby arcs. His mastery of Rokushiki techniques gives him a significant advantage over Usopp.

Blueno can also create passageways with his Doa Doa no Mi. Usopp would badly lose any physical confrontation with the CP9 agent. Nonetheless, there is a slim possibility he could pull off a major upset. Observation Haki will prove to be his greatest asset.

This would allow him to pinpoint Blueno's exact location, no matter how many doors he creates. The sniper would have to maintain his distance and rely on his Pop Green techniques.

Usopp is among the most crafty fighters in the One Piece series, so he could feasibly set up traps for Blueno. One example is the Midori Boshi: Rafflesia, which can disable the enemy's senses.

One Piece characters that Usopp can't beat at all


4) Nami

Simply put, Nami has full access to Zeus, a powerful Homie that once belonged to Big Mom. During the Onigashima Raid, Nami defeated Ulti with her thundercloud. It's a very impressive feat since Ulti's durability is strengthened tenfold by her dinosaur Zoan fruit.


Usopp would likely go down in a single hit.

3) Izou


A former commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, Izou has remarkable aim with his pistols. When the Red Scabbards confronted Kaido during the Onigashima Raid, Izou disarmed King with a single bullet. This is quite the feat in One Piece, considering that King is among the strongest Yonko commanders.

Usopp doesn't stand a chance here since Izou can imbue Haki into his bullets. The Straw Hat sniper isn't going to outspeed someone who caught King off guard.

2) Capone Bege


Bege is a master tactician who always has a plan in mind. During the Zou Arc, he captured Caesar Clown by threatening him with Seastone bullets. Although it was a mere bluff, it shows that Bege is great at manipulation.

Unfortunately for Usopp, Bege relies on more than just his intelligence. He can also turn into a heavily fortified castle with his Shiro Shiro no Mi.

Back in Whole Cake Island, the mobster could withstand several powerful blows from Big Mom herself. Usopp doesn't have a single attack that can damage Bege.

1) Charlotte Perospero


Perospero isn't a Sweet Commander, but he is as strong as them. Big Mom's eldest child is quite diverse with his Pero Pero no Mi, which allows him to manipulate candy. Perospero is also quite good with his archery skills.

He easily defeated Brook and Chopper during the Sanji retrieval mission in Whole Cake Island. As it stands, Usopp wouldn't fare much better.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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