4 One Piece characters that Nami can beat (and 4 she never will)

Nami isn't the strongest character, but she does have her moments (Image via Toei Animation)
Nami isn't the strongest character, but she does have her moments (Image via Toei Animation)

There aren't too many battles that Nami can win by herself in One Piece, but she can still hold her own.

Nami is still a capable fighter, despite her status as a fairly weak character in One Piece. There are several intriguing matchups for this particular character. Instead of relying on raw strength like many One Piece fighters do, Nami prefers to let her Clima-Tact do all the work.

To make this article more interesting, it will avoid using characters like Luffy and Zoro, as well as Kaido and Big Mom. Those matches are fairly obvious, so there isn't much to write about. Instead, this list will include fights that relate to Nami and her abilities. Keep in mind that it will contain manga spoilers.

4 One Piece characters that Nami will be able to beat

1) Arlong


One Piece fans would certainly love to see this matchup, if only because Nami would destroy him now.

Arlong was a menacing threat in the early days of One Piece, thanks to his physical strength and rough skin. Nami didn't even get her Clima-Tact until the Alabasta arc, which happened after Arlong's defeat. The Cat Burglar didn't have many options to fight him back then.

Now that she has the Clima-Tact, Nami would have no trouble electrocuting the sawshark. After everything Arlong put her through, One Piece fans would consider it a very satisfying experience.

2) Chopper


This is a One Piece battle that can go either way. Chopper is undoubtedly stronger in his various forms, whether it's Horn Point or Heavy Point. The good doctor can also dodge Nami's lightning attacks just by digging into the ground.

Of course, she does have a major advantage due to her possession of Zeus. Chopper doesn't have many attacks that could realistically damage the thundercloud. He is also be prone to devastating lightning bolts.

Nami could also try to stall the battle with her Mirage Tempo, which would render her invisible. Depending on the Rumble Ball that Chopper would eat, he would eventually run out of time. This would force him to endure the various side effects.

3) Usopp


This isn't going to be an easy fight between the comedy duo. Usopp is a tactical sniper who can maintain a great distance between him and his opponents. He is also exceedingly fast, which makes him difficult to hit.

Nami would have to constantly avoid his Pop Green attacks, which would allow Usopp to summon hostile plants. If she gets caught, then she won't have many options left. Once again, she would have to rely on Zeus to win this fight.

She would have to quickly summon the thundercloud and command a direct attack. Zeus is strong enough to bring down characters like Ulti, thanks to his Raitei technique. He should have no trouble outrunning Usopp and taking him down in a single hit.

4) Sanji


It should be made clear that Sanji is a far more powerful opponent. If he actually tried, Nami would have no chance at winning.

However, Sanji has two major weaknesses that would cost him the battle. First and foremost, he is a very chivalrous person. Sanji would never hit a woman, let alone a close friend like Nami.

More importantly, he gets lovestruck quite easily, particularly with attractive women. Nami won't have any problems causing him to faint via a nosebleed.

4 One Piece characters that Nami doesn't stand a chance against (by herself)

1) Franky


Franky is a very underrated character in the One Piece community. His cyborg body gives him a versatile moveset, such as a powerful Radical Beam that causes major explosions. Nami will likely be taken out in a single hit by this move.

The cyborg should also have the endurance to outlast her weather attacks, such as the Gust Sword.

2) Nico Robin


Realistically, this One Piece fight would end within a matter of seconds.

Robin would simply use her Hana Hana no Mi, which allows her to replicate body parts. She would likely summon multiple arms to disarm Nami before she uses her Clima-Tact. This would also prevent her from summoning Zeus.

3) Vinsmoke Reiju


Nami would have a difficult time breaking through Reiju's defenses. Sanji's lone sister is a modified human with a hard exoskeleton. Zeus could likely do some damage, but that is realistically all Nami would be able to do.

Reiju is among the few One Piece characters that rely on poison techniques. If Nami were to get hit by Pink Hornet, she would lack the medical expertise to heal herself.

4) Enel


At first glance, Nami could drag the fight out by using her weather manipulation. She already showcased her abilities during the Skypiea Arc, where she used Thunder Balls to deflect Enel's attacks.

However, she is still outclassed in terms of raw power and speed. Enel was able to deal significant damage to Zoro and Sanji, who are far more durable than Nami. Even if she used Mirage Tempo to make herself invisible, Enel could still detect her with his Observation Haki.

One Piece fans should not underestimate Enel just because he lost a bad matchup against Luffy. Zeus might not even affect the former God of Skypiea, given his mastery of lightning based powers.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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