10 villains from One Piece, ranked from least powerful to most

One Piece villains are a memorable part of the series (Image via Sportskeeda)
One Piece villains are a memorable part of the series (Image via Sportskeeda)

From Akainu to Blackbeard, One Piece villains are known for their destructive power and loathsome actions.

Monkey D. Luffy has seen his fair share of deplorable criminals. Whether they are corrupt kings or underworld bosses, they stand in his way of becoming the Pirate King. If Luffy wants to find the One Piece, he must overcome these obstacles, none of whom have made it easy for the Straw Hat.

Luffy's biggest villains will be ranked from least to most dangerous based on their current threat level and overall abilities. Nonetheless, even the lower-ranked ones should not be underestimated in One Piece.

Ten most dastardly villains from One Piece

10) Rob Lucci


The Enies Lobby arc is often considered a high point by One Piece fans. Luffy desperately needed to win his fight against Rob Lucci, the strongest agent in the CP9 organization. Otherwise, they would fail their mission to rescue Nico Robin.

The cold-blooded Lucci took Luffy to his absolute limit here, thanks to his mastery of Rokushiki. Luffy is forced to rely on his Gear abilities just to pull off an upset. Nonetheless, One Piece followers will forever detest Lucci for standing in the way of Nico Robin.

9) Gecko Moria


Moria never really got over the loss of his crew at the hands of Kaido. The former Warlord decided to create an army of mindless zombies in response. With the use of the Kage Kage no Mi, he stole many shadows from unfortunate victims.

Despite Moria's ability to control shadows, Luffy puts a stop to his operations in the Thriller Bark arc. The latter has to break out a Gear Third and Gomu Gomu no Jet Shell just to win.

8) Enel


According to a One Piece SBS, Enel would realistically have a bounty of 500,000,000 bellies. Skypieans lived in constant fear of the god-like being, who abused his powers every chance he got.

He is the current user of the Goro Goro no Mi, which allows him to become lightning itself.

Luffy only managed to defeat Enel simply because of a particularly bad match-up. It turns out that Luffy's rubber completely resists Enel's lightning. Regardless, Enel was still a piece of work that needed to be overthrown.

7) Crocodile


The secret crime boss of Baroque Works, Crocodile, made it seem like he was a hero to the Alabasta Kingdom. In reality, he ruled over it with an iron fist. With the use of his Suna Suna no Mi, he completely destroyed the kingdom with sandstorms.

Luffy had every motivation to defeat this nefarious villain. However, it took him several tries before it finally happened. Crocodile is among the very few One Piece villains who beat Luffy multiple times.

6) Doflamingo


Doflamingo is a tragic villain with a disturbing backstory, especially by One Piece standards. Having been stripped of his position as a Celestrial Dragon, Doflamingo took out his frustrations by enslaving the Dressrosa kingdom.

During his climactic fight with Luffy, Doflamingo used his Ito Ito no Mi to create a giant bird cage. Had it not been for Luffy, it would've taken out the entire population. The hero had to resort to using Gear Fourth just to stop the Heavenly Yaksha, putting an end to his dirty tricks.

5) Katakuri


When Luffy invades Whoke Cake Island to rescue Sanji, the Straw Hat is forced to go through Katakuri. The strongest of the Sweet Commanders, he is a loyal servant of Big Mom. Thanks to his creative abilities and use of future sight, Katakuri proves to be a difficult challenge.

Katakuri is a villain who eventually grows to respect Luffy, which is a rarity in the One Piece series. Unlike his arrogant contemporaries, Katakuri never underestimates Luffy. It's refreshing to see, especially when he wishes Luffy good luck upon defeating his mother.

4) Big Mom


Big Mom is the tyrannical ruler of Whole Cake Island. The strongest female character in the One Piece series, she is known for her monstrous durability and versatile use of the Soru Soru no Mi. She can also fight someone like Kaido on equal terms.

Simply put, Big Mom is an utterly deranged character. She forces her citizens to sacrifice their lifespans so she can extend hers. Big Mom is also very selfish in her ambitions, responsible for several forced marriages in her own family.

3) Blackbeard


Blackbeard is the complete opposite of Luffy, representing very different ideologies in One Piece. The latter is someone who believes in freedom, whereas Blackbeard thinks everything is controlled by fate.

Needless to say, this pirate is willing to do anything it takes to get on top. Several years ago, he betrayed the Whitebeard Pirate to steal the Yami Yami no Mi. Even worse, he also took out a heavily injured Whitebeard during the Marineford arc. Blackbeard also stole the Gura Gura no Mi to add insult to injury.

Luffy is wholly justified in his dislike for the Emperor. Blackbeard is the main reason Ace was captured in the first place, resulting in the downfall of the Whitebeard Pirates and Ace himself.

2) Akainu


The Fleet Admiral made it very personal against Luffy. Thanks to the offensive powers of his Magu Magu no Mi, he is directly responsible for burning a hole through Ace. Luffy's spirit was completely broken over the events of the Marineford arc since he couldn't save Ace.

Akainu is dangerously single-minded in his pursuit of Absolute Justice. Not even his fellow Marines are safe from his wrath. If any of them show weakness, he will quickly dispose of them. There is a reason why many One Piece fans utterly despise the character.

1) Kaido


One Piece characters often describe Kaido as the world's strongest creature. Time and time again, he proved his title by quickly taking out his opponents.

Twenty years go, he not only executed the heroic Kozuki Oden but also plunged Wano Country into darkness. The entire area has been turned into an industrial wasteland. He also forces his men to consume defective SMILE fruits, which barely makes them stronger.

Luffy is fighting an uphill battle against this monster, who only seems to live for war. The fate of Wano Country rests on Luffy's shoulders here. If he fails to win his upcoming battle, his dreams will be over.

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