5 times Queen from One Piece completely screwed it up for his team

Pride always goes before a fall in One Piece (Image via Sportskeeda)
Pride always goes before a fall in One Piece (Image via Sportskeeda)

Many One Piece fans consider Queen to be the unofficial MVP for the Strawhat Pirates, thanks to his spectacular failures.

Queen is one of the top-ranking members of the Beasts Pirates. Even the World Government recognizes he is a very dangerous threat. The mad scientist is a man of many talents, to which One Piece fans cannot deny. However, he can just as easily provoke laughter as he can strike fear.

One Piece fans can certainly understand why King has no patience for Queen. The latter is unbelievably incompetent with the simplest tasks. He has done as much damage to the Beasts Pirates as the Straw Hats and the samurai. Queen is seriously a major liability to Kaidou’s operations.

Five times in One Piece where Queen screwed it up for his team

5) Queen wasted time toying with Chopper

One Piece fans should give credit to Chopper for holding his own against Queen in Chapter 1007. The former even manages to stall the latter for several minutes. However, by Queen's own admission, he was simply toying with Chopper.

Consider the fact that Onigashima is currently under attack by enemy forces. Rather than swiftly put down Chopper, Queen decides to mess around instead. He could've spent that precious time helping out his allies.

4) He infected his own allies with Ice Oni

Speaking of Chapter 1007, Queen was really at his worst here. His actions caused a sizable portion of the Beasts Pirate to defect. Queen spread a fatal disease throughout the Live Floor, which inevitably hit the Pleasures and Gifters. He even calls them useless as Chopper finds a cure for them.

Showing their appreciation to the doctor, some Beasts Pirates protect him from Queen's attacks. Later on, the CP0 notes how the tides have changed. Queen managed to lose 4,000 alies in one go.

3) Queen unlocked Sanji’s full potential

One Piece fans highly anticipated Sanji versus Queen. The former got to showcase his impressive skills against the latter. Queen would've saved himself a beating if he didn't provoke Sanji with Germa 66 technology.

Eventually, Sanji undergoes some major character development, which allows him to awaken new abilities. This is all Queen's doing since he led Sanji down this path. He unintentionally gave the Straw Hats a major strength boost.

2) He let the Udon prison go unguarded


To be fair, Queen was put in a very difficult position. Big Mom was incapacitated, which meant Queen had to transport her to Onigashima as quickly as possible. By doing so, he left the Udon prison largely unprotected.

This would prove to be a strategic blunder on the part of Queen. Luffy and the other prisoners take over Udon, using it as a base of operations. In the meantime, the Straw Hat manages to train his newfound Haki.

1) Queen didn’t eliminate Luffy right away


This is easily the biggest screw-up in recent One Piece history. Queen had the golden opportunity to get rid of Luffy, especially when the latter made it clear he wasn't joining Kaidou.

Instead of executing the Straw Hat right away, Queen decides to play games with him. Luffy turns it into a training session as he learns new ways to apply his Haki. Queen really messed it up for the Beasts Pirates. If it wasn't for him, Luffy would've never been prepared against Kaidou.

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