One Piece Chapter 1034: Sanji’s new abilities explained, invisibility and speed

One Piece Chapter 1034 is a major showcase for Sanji (Image via Sportskeeda, using TCB Scans)
One Piece Chapter 1034 is a major showcase for Sanji (Image via Sportskeeda, using TCB Scans)
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Sanji proved his combat prowess in One Piece Chapter 1034, as he unleashed a devastating combo attack against Queen.

Whether or not it heavily damages Queen remains to be seen, given his enhanced durability. What cannot be denied is that Sanji is much stronger now. His powers are finally seen on full display by the end of One Piece Chapter 1034. Queen can barely handle the strength and speed of Sanji.

The Black Leg is arguably the fastest crew member in the Monster Trio. Queen finds out the hard way when he provokes Sanji. The latter realizes that Queen was the one responsible for attacking a geisha earlier. Sanji attacks the All-Star in a state of righteous fury.

Sanji uses powerful attacks on Queen in One Piece Chapter 1034

#onepiece1034 this is for all the clowns that said sanji doesn't train

Keep in mind that One Piece Chapter 1034 has not been officially released. The following information is using the TCB Scan translations. As a result, the names of these attacks are subject to change. Here is a look at what Sanji used against Queen in One Piece Chapter 1034.

Ifrit Jambe: A brief overview

that consecutive attacks remind me of sanji's fight with kuroobi. and queen is a yonko commander 🤷‍♂️#onepiece1034

Normally, Sanji relies on Diable Jambe as part of his Black Leg Style. These quick attacks make great use of his fire capabilities. One Piece Chapter 1034 dials it up with a newer attack called Ifrit Jambe. It roughly translates to Demon God Wind Leg, which indicates a high level of power.

Before he hits these attacks, Sanji describes how he combined the powers of his strength and speed. He also imbued his exoskeleton with his Color of Arms Haki. This makes for a devastating combination of attacks, since the fire on his legs is hotter than before.

Ifrit Jambe makes Sanji faster and stronger as he strings together a series of kicks against Queen. It's very similar to his previous fight with Kuroobi back in the Arlong Park arc. Each kick attacks a specific part of Queen's body, such as his shoulder and stomach:

"Collier! Basses Côte Blast! Parlons! Jumeau à bifteck! Tendron! Flanchet! Queue! Poire! Jarret!"

Sanji finishes it off with Bœuf Burst, which roughly translates to Beef Burst. This explosive kick sends Queen flying backwards, thus ending One Piece Chapter 1034. Interestingly, there seems to be lightning trails across Sanji's leg.

Sanji can also use invisibility

#ONEPIECE1034 Sanji was so fast he used the sfx for invisibility 😭😭😭😭

At one point, Queen reveals he can use Germa 66 abilities. With the exception of Reiju, he uses all the main attacks of the Vinsmoke family. This also includes the invisibility powers of Sanji himself.

However, Sanji also demonstrates an impressive use of his speed. After Queen turns invisible, Sanji quickly vanishes in the blink of an eye. The manga even uses the SFX for invisibility, driving the point home.

The mad scientist remarks that Sanji is moving too fast for him to see. Queen doesn't have time to react when Sanji blasts him with a series of combos.

One Piece Chapter 1034 ends on a high note for Sanji

#onepiece1034 ....Sanji using named attacks like he's naming the ABCs 😭

Sanji fans will certainly enjoy One Piece Chapter 1034. He finally gets to demonstrate his true capabilities in a combat situation. It's only a matter of time before this battle reaches its climax, if it hasn't already.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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