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Black Clover's story has had many twists throughout its run thus far (Image via Studio Pierrot)

5 Black Clover twists fans loved (and 5 that were controversial)

While there are many problems with Black Clover’s story and writing, one of its main strengths, alongside its stellar writing of women, is the twists the series has seen. Black Clover’s subversion of expectations and sudden changes in the story have been some of the best seen in all of anime and manga.

However, not every twist Black Clover has worked into its more than 330 published chapters has been well-received. While many were generally loved and praised by fans, others have had a more subjective reaction amongst the Black Clover fanbase.


Vanessa’s Fate Magic, four other twists loved by Black Clover fans

1) Liebe and Asta are brothers


When Liebe’s backstory was revealed in Black Clover, one of the most universally praised aspects of its writing was making him and Asta adoptive brothers. The latter’s birth mom, Licita, was introduced in the arc as a human who took care of Liebe when he needed help.


Eventually, he was formally adopted by Licita as her son, shortly before she died fighting off Lucifero as he attempted to take over Liebe’s body. The reveal added another layer to his and Asta’s relationship and their goals of taking down the Spade Kingdom’s Dark Triad and the high-ranking Devils that work with them.

2) William was Patolli


Another twist that fans universally praised was William Vangeance sharing a body with Patolli. It added an intense extra layer to William’s relationship with his other captains, as well as his relationship with the Wizard King, Julius Novachrono.

One of the most praised parts of this twist was how emotionally torn Vangeance was by the situation. He clearly feels like he must choose between his two oldest friends, and unfortunately, he ends up choosing the one who’s an enemy to the Clover Kingdom.

3) Vanessa Red Thread of Fate


When Black Clover began its Witches’ Forest arc, Vanessa Enoteca’s backstory was one of the main focuses of the arc. She was heralded as a prodigy by the Witch Queen, who foresaw that her Thread Magic could one day alter fate and imprisoned her until it happened before Yami Sukehiro rescued her.

Eventually, the Witch Queen gets her wish and sees Vanessa activate her Red Thread of Fate spell. However, it’s in defense of her friends in the Black Bulls, and she acts as an opposing force to the Queen’s goals.

This twist is one of the most universally loved and praised in the series, showing Vanessa’s connection to her teammates and giving her an ever-relevant power.

4) Lumiere returns


The return of the first Wizard King, Lumiere Silvamillion Clover, was an unexpected yet incredibly welcome twist in Black Clover’s Elf Reincarnation arc. His return gave Patolli and the other elves closure regarding the events that happened years ago and allowed Secre Swallowtail to reunite with her friend one last time.

The combat seen from Lumiere was also incredibly engaging and rewarding and was undoubtedly one of the best parts of his return. Nearly every series fan felt that his joining the battle against Zagred was a fantastic way to end the arc, even years after the arc’s initial release.

5) Julius is Lucius

“Times up”

[Black Clover Manga ch:331]

An unconscious betrayal. Thread on Julius/Lucius character.

Finally, one of the most beloved and recent twists in author Yuki Tabata’s Black Clover was the true identity of Julius Novachrono. It was a twist that nearly no fan saw coming yet had a trail of breadcrumbs throughout the story in retrospect.

The reveal was praised by virtually every fan of the series, many of whom claimed the brilliant twist solidified the series as one of the best new-gen anime and manga. While that is still subjective and debatable, what’s clear is that this reveal was one of the most beloved yet in the series.

Zagred using Patolli, four other controversial Black Clover twists

1) Yuno is royalty


In many ways, Yuno being royalty from the Spade Kingdom was both a sensible plot point to include and one that detracted from the main story overall. It’s reasonable as it explains why Yuno is so beloved by mana and why he’s been naturally gifted with magic since his birth.

On the other hand, it makes Asta and Yuno’s promise to one another and relationship as rivals somewhat imbalanced in terms of competitiveness and reality. As a prince of the Spade Kingdom, he’s already spoken for politically in terms of his role.

Despite growing up in an orphanage, as royalty, it opens up an opportunity for a divide in the two characters relationship.

2) Asta’s mom introduced


While certain consequences and aspects of Asta’s mom being introduced were praised, some disliked the specific act of introducing her. These fans felt that Licita’s introduction in Black Clover was superfluous since one of the core themes of the series is that the circumstances of one’s birth are irrelevant.

Not many criticisms were lobbied against the reveal beyond this one. However, it’s a significant and fair criticism when considering some messages the series offers.

3) Zagred was using Patolli

Zagred, as seen during the series' anime (Image via Studio Pierrot)

This twist was incredibly controversial, being loved by some and hated by others. A person’s opinion on this Black Clover twist depends entirely on how they feel about those built up as main antagonists being revealed as cogs in the machine.

Detractors of this reveal claim that building Patolli up as a menacing mastermind was essentially wasted pages since Zagred reveals he’s manipulated the elf his whole life. Meanwhile, supporters claim that the introduction of Devils into the general human world was necessary and that this reveal accomplishes that goal in at least an acceptable way.

4) Elven/human conflict fabricated by Zagred


Similarly, the reveal that Zagred also organized the conflict between humans and elves from Lumiere’s time was somewhat infuriating to fans. Sects of the Black Clover fandom criticized the easy manipulation of some of the most intelligent and intuitive characters in the series, such as Lumiere and Licht, leaders of the humans and elves, respectively.

The criticism is understandable and certainly has evidence to support it. While Lumiere eventually realizes what’s occurring, he should’ve seen the warning signs long before they actually sink in.

5) Asta doesn’t contract Liebe


Finally, one of the more frustrating developments in Black Clover’s story for many fans was Asta not contracting Liebe. Despite recommendations from Nacht, who knows how badly deals with devils can turn out, he instead chooses to become friends on equal ground with his devil partner.

The decision is certainly in line with Asta’s character but is still frustrating for fans to watch. It’s not the worst plot twist in the series yet but is certainly far from being universally praised.

Note: This list reflects the author’s opinions.

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