How Asta and Liebe's shared past with Licita becomes crucial in recent chapters of Black Clover

Top to bottom, left to right, Licita, Liebe, and Asta as seen in the series' anime (Image via Sportskeeda)
Top to bottom, left to right, Licita, Liebe, and Asta as seen in the series' anime (Image via Sportskeeda)

In light of the most recent Black Clover chapter, the relationship that protagonist Asta and anti-magic devil Liebe share is more relevant than ever. Their bond is a strong one, and Asta’s discovery of his partner’s traumatic past has only deepened the said bond.

Some Black Clover fans may not exactly remember the common thread of their origins in the form of Licita. Liebe’s flashback was quite some time ago, so fans may be hazy on the details considering how much time has passed.

Here’s a summary of Asta and Liebe’s shared past with Licita, and how it becomes crucial in recent chapters of Black Clover.

Black Clover’s Asta and Liebe's shared past gets thrust into the spotlight

Liebe and Licita

In Black Clover Chapter 268, Liebe’s flashback began and finally clued fans into his origins in the Devil World. Essentially, he described the home of Black Clover’s devils as a “boring place,” where the strong beat up those weaker than them without mercy.

Born without magic, Liebe was at the absolute bottom of the hierarchy, with no one below him to pick on. An upset, higher-ranking devil one day threw Liebe toward a portal to the human world, who passed through due to his lack of magic. He was afraid of humans, which only worsened after being attacked by Magic Knights.

Running from them until he couldn’t even move, he collapsed and accepted his fate. However, he was found by a human girl named Licita, who brought him back to her home. She displayed her magic ability of being able to store mana-less objects inside of other objects. She noted her shock at having found both a devil and a five-leaf Grimoire in such close proximity.

Liebe's been "humanized" since the moment he met Licita, so I don't see what you're trying to say with this. His whole character is that he's more "human" than any other devil out there…

Liebe asked her if she was afraid of him, to which Licita laughed and said that no one would be scared of an injured kid with no magic. She also revealed that she was hated by other humans for her magic, which could steal both magic power and lifeforce from nearby objects and people.

Having jumped off of this, Licita called their meeting fate and offered Liebe to stay with her as her adoptive son since he had no magic or lifeforce to steal. He accepted, and the two lived care-free as mother and son, grateful for having found one another. However, he was eventually discovered by Lucifero, one of the three most powerful devils in Black Clover.

Lucifero took over Liebe’s body, happy to have found an uncontracted devil in the human world. He attempted to use his newfound body to find a method to manifest his true form into the human world, but Licita stopped him by absorbing his magic. As she did this, fans saw a panel of her saying she wouldn’t let go “this time,” while she appeared to be remembering leaving a basket with something in it somewhere.

#BCSpoilers Liebe has an emotional breakdown when he believes they cannot defeat Lucifero."I hate Lucifero... But I'll also never forgive myself. If only I had magic... If only I had never left the underworld... If only Licita hadn't met me... She wouldn't have died."

However, in an extremely tragic moment, Lucifero used Liebe’s left hand (the one he can control) to pierce Licita’s chest, killing her in the process. In utter shock, he retreated to the Devil World, cursing a human to have been able to get in a supreme devil’s way.

In Licita’s final moments, she sealed Liebe into the five-leaf Grimoire to protect him from Lucifero, who called her “mom” in their final moments together.

Asta and Licita

A few chapters later, Asta and Liebe went through the process of forming their contract as devil and host. The former, however, refused the advice of his superior, Nacht Faust, and instead offered to be friends with the devil. While this didn’t guarantee his control over the devil (which Asta recognized), it did spark something in Liebe.

#BCSpoilers #BC326I love how Asta refers to Licita as his “partner’s mother” here, even tho he now understands she was his mother too.He’s not angry because Lucifero killed his mother; he never knew her. He’s mad because she was dear to *Liebe*.Such a goated character

As he looked at Asta reaching his hand out as a friend, he asked if destiny truly did exist as he had another short flashback. He remembered when Licita first gave him his name, and in two side-by-side panels, Licita and Asta were shown having extremely similar expressions.

Liebe revealed, to himself and to fans, that Asta was certainly Licita’s child, which finally provided a long-awaited answer to the question. The two are brothers, and Liebe recognized and accepted that he would be joining with Asta not as a subordinate, but as an equal and a friend.

Wrapping up their shared past’s significance in current Black Clover

#BCSpoilers I want to say that it has something to do with Asta being able to do that with memories, but there are holes in the idea. My best guess is that Asta inherited Licita's ''curse'' and it mutated with something from his other parent to give him that kind of ability

With this, Black Clover confirmed that Asta and Liebe are brothers, through their shared mother, Licita. This also confirmed that the aforementioned moment in life Licita remembered was her giving Asta up for adoption.

Black Clover Chapter 326's scanlations further heightened the importance of their relationship. In a moment of weakness for Liebe, his memories of Licita began flooding through him and into Asta. He recognized his friend’s true pain and anger for the first time, and the immense loss that resulted from it.

Asta thanked his partner, since that hate and pain became his strength, and told Liebe to fight with him, calling him brother. Ironically, Asta does not yet know that the two are truly brothers, as evidenced by his anger for Lucifero killing his “partner’s” mother instead of their mother.

@liljiggly_ asta seeing Licita in Liebe's memories:

While Asta will likely discover this truth very shortly, their shared past is nevertheless incredibly important for current and future Black Clover chapters. Even if Black Clover is in its final stages as some fans theorize, their relationship will nevertheless prove to be incredibly important.

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