Black Clover chapter 319: Lucifero completely dominates the Magic Knights squad captains

The Grand Magic Knights (Image via TCBScans)
The Grand Magic Knights (Image via TCBScans)

TCBScans has released an unofficial translation of Black Clover chapter 319, and it clarifies what the raw scans have already revealed. The battle, if it can be called that, between the captains of the Magic Knights squads and Lucifero, the King of the Devils, commences in this chapter, but as fans had speculated, it is humiliatingly one-sided.

While the art style is impeccable as always, it seems mangaka Yuki Tabata has gone back to his show-not-tell policy with this chapter. Black Clover chapter 319 is action-heavy and essentially serves to give the readers a general idea of Lucifero’s powers.

[Major spoilers ahead for Black Clover chapter 319]

The King of Devils easily overpowers the Clover Kingdom’s strongest in Black Clover chapter 319

In chapter 318, Asta and Liebe enter Devil Union mode once again to attack Lucifero and take revenge for Licita’s death. While many people, including the Supreme Demon of the Second Layer, were surprised that Asta could move within Lucifero’s Gravity magic, Asta’s attack was ineffective.

Lucifero stopped the Demon Slayer Sword with one hand but cut his finger by running it along the edge of the sword himself. Enraged, he punched Asta away. From Asta to Vanessa to Langris, everyone was overwhelmed by Lucifero’s presence, which Asta believed to have defied magic or fate.

As all seemed lost, Mereleona, Fuegoleon, Charlotte, Rill, Dorothy, Nozel, and Jack the Ripper showed up to help Asta.

Contrary to the leaks, Black Clover chapter 319 is actually titled “Grand Magic Knights vs the King of Devils”.

Black Clover chapter 319: The captains attack Lucifero

Black Clover chapter 319 starts with Charlotte remarking on Lucifero’s strength and realizing that the captains could not fight in this Gravity without Rill strengthening them.

As Jack the Ripper and Mereoleona attack Lucifero, they realize that their magic is useless against him. Mereoleona cannot burn him, and Jack cannot cut him. Nozel’s attempt with Mercury Magic leads to an even more humiliating result. Lucifero grabs his face and tosses him to the side.

Fuegoleon makes a valiant attempt with Salamander, but Lucifero grabs the Fire Spirit and subdues him in a single move. Dorothy’s Dream magic, and Charlotte’s Briar magic both receive similar treatment. Throughout all the attacks, Lucifero keeps uttering a single word:


The pride of the Grand Magic Knights

As Lucifero gloats that humans should have never thought to fight him and kneeled in submission instead, Mereoleona attacks him once more. Even though the attack is blocked again, she and the captains assert to Lucifero that no matter how inferior their magic may be in front of the Demon King, they cannot simply accept defeat, because they have been given the title of the Strongest.

As they say it, Asta is seen sneaking up behind Lucifero in his Devil Union form, with Demon Slayer Sword in mid-swing, proclaiming loudly that Lucifero does not understand what it means to be a Grand Magic Knight.


While readers had anticipated that Lucifero would easily overpower the captains, the difference between their levels seems impossibly larger in Black Clover chapter 319. Lucifero is only half-manifested by this point, and apart from the Gravity Magic surrounding the area, he has not employed any magic to counter any of the captains. Not a single person has been able to land a hit on him.

Asta makes a valiant effort, but perhaps his sneak attack would have worked better had he not loudly announced his presence beforehand. Either way, most readers don’t expect Demon Slayer Sword to get out of this unscathed.

In chapter 318, Asta had said that he had four minutes left in his current Devil Union transformation before he attacked Lucifero. It is unclear if this is a continuation of the same transformation, or if 30 minutes had passed and he had transformed again. If it is the former, that would indicate that Lucifero had defeated Asta and the Grand Magic Knights within four minutes.

Hopefully, the next chapter will shed more light on the importance of the Supreme Demon of the Second Lair. Yuno and Noelle’s current statuses are also unknown. It is unlikely that Asta will win against Lucifero just yet, but there is a possibility that he might land an attack on the King of the Devils.

Final thoughts

After returning from the break, Tabata delivered a detailed chapter as usual. The pace has picked up quite a bit, and this particular fight seems to be nearing its end while the battle is just beginning. Hopefully, more information will be divulged once Black Clover chapter 320 is released.

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