Black Clover chapter 319 raw scans: Captains versus Lucifero, spoilers, speculations, and more

Black Clover chapter 319 raw scans show the fight between Lucifero and the captains (Image via Nixk)
Black Clover chapter 319 raw scans show the fight between Lucifero and the captains (Image via Nixk)

Black Clover chapter 319 raw scans were leaked just now, and they have exceeded all expectations. The manga returned this week after a break.

Chapter 318 had left everyone on a cliffhanger, with the captains confronting Lucifero. And now, the raw scans of chapter 319 give fans the fight they had been waiting for.

[Major spoilers for Black Clover chapter 319]

Black Clover chapter 319 raw scans depict the fight between the Squad captains and Lucifero

In chapter 318, Asta and Liebe entered the devil union to fight Lucifero. However, he stopped their attack with a single hand and punched Asta away without using his magic. As Lucifero increased his gravity magic, Vanessa noted that they could not survive much longer. Asta felt terrified under the sheer presence of the demon king, something which must defy even fate. However, soon Mereoleona and the Magic Knight Squad Captains, minus Yami and William, came to their rescue.

According to the raw scans, Black Clover chapter 319 is titled “Their Pride as the Strongest.”

Lucifero overpowers the captains in Black Clover chapter 319 raw scans

Black Clover chapter 319 raw scans are haphazard, but quite a few pages have been leaked. As was speculated, the Squad Captains get badly beaten by Lucifero. While Lucifero’s overwhelming Gravity Magic continues to subdue everyone, the Squad Captains move to strike him. Charlotte reveals that without Rill strengthening their mana, they would not even be able to fight Lucifero. However, that does not matter in the slightest.

As the captains soon discover, Fuegoleon cannot burn Lucifero, and Jack the Ripper cannot cut him. Lucifero takes out Mereoleona without using his magic. Dorothy’s Glamor World is ineffective as well, and she is also tossed away. Charlotte does not fare any better. However, the Captains pride themselves on their strength and duty as the strongest, so they get back up to fight the demon king.

Lucifero soon grabs Nozel’s face in an overwhelming display of strength and proceeds to obliterate him. All the while, the Supreme Demon of the Second Gate watches with amusement. As Lucifero defeats the Squad Captains and gloats how they should have kneeled and despaired instead, Asta sneaks up behind him. Asta declares that Lucifero does not know anything about the pride of a Magic Knight and swings his Demon Slayer Sword at him.

In conclusion

It was speculated that the Captains wouldn't be able to defeat or even injure Lucifero. According to Black Clover chapter 319 raw scans, Lucifero does not even use his magic, other than the gravity magic he was already using across the area to defeat the captains. Their attacks are useless against him, and he is only half-manifested at this point.

The purpose of the Second Gate demon has not been made clear in the raw scans, hopefully, the official scans will shed better light on that. It is possible that Asta might get in a hit during his surprise attack, but it might have worked better had he not yelled to let his presence be known to Lucifero.

Irrespective of whether Asta can land an attack on Lucifero or not, Lucifero will be enraged either way, and many fans don’t expect Demon Slayer Sword to survive. Black Clover chapter 319 will be officially released on January 16 and can be read for free on Manga Plus and