Black Clover Chapter 316: Asta’s Fourth Sword “Demon Slasher” and all other swords

Fourth Sword Demon Slasher in Black Clover 316 (Image via Darckon)
Fourth Sword Demon Slasher in Black Clover 316 (Image via Darckon)
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The unofficial translation of Black Clover chapter 316 was released yesterday and readers are in awe of Asta’s Devil Union version of Yami’s Demon Slasher Katana. With Asta and Liebe used their Fourth Sword Demon Slasher against Lucifero, readers inevitably remember the other three swords that the former has.

With that being said, now is a good time to revisit all of Asta’s swords and their attacks before the official release of Black Clover chapter 316.

All the swords in Asta’s Grimoire, including the Fourth Sword “Demon Slasher” from Black Clover chapter 316

As of Black Clover chapter 316, Asta possesses four swords in his Grimoire. All of them specialize in Anti Magic.

Demon Slayer Sword

Black Clover Time skip has occurred with Chapter 230 being released in which Asta showcases his new anti-magic powers with his 5 leaf grimoire. He now has control of his three demon slayer swords that used to belong to Licht.Nov 23, 2019

The Demon Slayer Sword is Asta’s first sword. It can cut through any magic with the edge of its blade and with its flat side, one can repel any magic attack, except for curse magic and poison.

After his six months of training in the Heart Kingdom, Asta can remotely control the Anti Magic of the Demon Slayer Sword, and can summon it by calling its name, as well as fly it through the air.

Demon Slayer Sword: Black Divider is an Anti Magic spell where Asta pushes and condenses the Anti Magic to the edges of the blade in order to increase its size and reach.

Demon Dweller Sword

Remember when Asta's Demon Dweller Sword absorbed Noelle's Magic in the beginning of the series; how come we never see something like that again?! I honestly would love to see that again. #Asta #BlackClover #NoelleSilva

The Demon Dweller Sword is Asta’s second sword and he gets it during his fight against Mars in a Dungeon. The Demon Dweller Sword can absorb any magic and release them in a flying slash once a certain amount has been absorbed. The Demon Dweller Sword absorbs magic passively as well, making it impossible for anyone with mana to wield it.

Demon Dweller Sword: Black Slash is an Anti Magic Spell where Asta fills the Demon Dweller Sword with Anti Magic and then releases it in multiple flying slashes.

Asta often wields the Demon Slayer Sword and the Demon Dweller Sword together in various combinations.

Demon Destroyer Sword

This is not a new spell, if y'all remember when the Asta used the demon destroyer sword to removed the effects of the poison in hage village, and when he removed the effects of Marie's eye magic, both time were with the demon destroyer sword.Causality is cause and effect btw 1/2

Asta took the Demon Destroyer Sword from Licht. The weapon is known for its special ability, Causality break. Causality break or Fate Release is where the Demon Destroyer Sword releases Anti Magic that touches those affected and then draws the magic back into the sword, removing all adverse effects.

Demon Destroyer Sword's Causality Break can even negate Reincarnation Magic.

Demon Slasher Katana

The Demon Slasher Katana (Image via eYuler)
The Demon Slasher Katana (Image via eYuler)

During their fight against Dante Zogratis, Captain Yami Sukehiro lends Asta his Demon Slasher Katana, which is transformed into an Anti Magic sword when the young protagonist touches it with his devil arm.

Like the rest of Asta’s swords, the Demon Slasher Katana is able to cut through Anti Magic.

However, as revealed in Black Clover chapter 316, the Fourth Sword “Demon Slasher” is a katana that chooses what it cuts, and as such, it will never harm those Asta wishes to protect.

Indeed, in Black Clover chapter 316, despite cutting straight through Lucifero, the katana did not harm Yami or William who were trapped within the Manifestation.

Bring back Black Clover anime 😩 #blackclover316

“Demon Slasher: Infinity Slash” Equinox is the spell Asta uses in Black Clover chapter 316 to cut Lucifero’s manifestation in half. Asta named the attack after Yami’s Dark Cloaked Dimension Slash: Equinox, and he also starts from a similar stance.

It can be inferred from Black Clover chapter 316 that Asta uses the same technique as Yami, but instead of Dark Magic, he uses Anti Magic. He fills the sword up with Anti Magic and then uses a downward slash to cut through anything, like Lucifer’s manifestation in Black Clover chapter 316.


Asta is far too powerful with his four swords in Black Clover chapter 316, and he will evolve further. Black Clover chapter 316 will be officially released on 12 December 2021, Sunday on and Manga Plus.

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