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Sarada Uchiha from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Naruto: 10 ways Sarada redeemed the Uchiha name

Sarada Uchiha is the newest Uchiha as of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. This unbelievably unfair burden of being the next in line in a clan reduced to just three people (four if Shin Uchiha and his clones counted) is stressful enough without the historical baggage that the name has.

The best thing about Sarada is that Sasuke and Sakura are helping her find her way, one step at a time. Despite the legacy of the Uchiha Clan on her shoulders, Sarada has been redeeming that name for a while.


This article will detail how Sarada Uchiha has redeemed the Uchiha Clan name from its blood-soaked history.

Note: Spoilers contained herein for Naruto and Boruto. It is also solely the author's opinion.


Naruto: 10 ways Sarada had redeemed the Uchiha name

1) Not following the Curse of Hatred

Boruto and Sarada on official art appreciation tweet #borusara

Technically, this was broken by Naruto and Sasuke at the end of Naruto Shippuden. It does, however, bear repeating for the historical precedent. The Curse of Hatred was established during the Sage of the Six Paths' lifetime when Indra tried to kill Asura out of spite.

This selfish act cursed Uchiha into a lifetime of hatred, where their hate would eclipse and doom any love they'd find.

Sarada hasn't done that or restarted that traumatic cycle of grief. Though her Sharingan gained its third tomoe, it was in a stressful situation out of love and a desire to protect her teammates during Jigen's invasion. Usually, the Curse of Hatred would dictate that it happens due to harmful and hateful emotions.


2) Wanting to become Hokage.

The First Ever Uchiha That Will BE hokage :)

What are some of the signs, ideas, or scenes that prove Sarada will be a good hokage? #BORUTO

Let us know what you think!

This is Sarada's primary goal throughout Boruto. It represents more than just her goal to connect with as many people as possible, a far cry from most solidary Uchiha. It would mean a total redemption of the Uchiha Clan's bloody history, the final nail in the Uchiha/Senju rivalry coffin.

This would be major if successful, as Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju formed the Hidden Leaf for peaceful reasons. The discrimination against the Uchiha was laid at the Hokage's feet when the coup was set to start. Likewise, it would further contrast Sasuke's mad bid for power at the end of the Ninja War.

3) Being an All-around kind person


The Uchiha Clan in Naruto has plenty of horrid representatives, from Indra to Madara. These individuals tend to be power-hungry, using ends justifying the means to justify all manner of atrocious acts and lives lost due to these actions. Even Itachi was still looked at crossly, despite his redemption being accepted on account of all the murder.

Sarada, meanwhile, has none of this attached to her. It helps that she grew up in a time of peace; just not having a streak of bloody violence or vile acts or even evil thoughts in her head puts her above most of the Uchiha's representatives. This includes her father Sasuke when he was her age.

4) Standing by her team


Considering Sasuke abandoned Team 7 in the first part of Naruto? Sarada is standing by hers, and vowing to get stronger is a much-needed improvement. Any friction with her team isn't due to rivalry or busting each other's chops quite as hard as the previous Team 7 did. Though there was the time Boruto and Mitsuki were late during the Chunin Exams, that blew over quickly.

Even later in Boruto's Code Arc, Sarada has continued to stand by her team. She's constantly training and improving herself, too, so there are no real problems with her attitude or anything, especially with threats like Boro. She only ever went on her quest to find out the truth about her family.

5) Better family relationships


This one goes without saying, Sarada Uchiha arguably has the best parental relationship out of all the named Uchiha. She hasn't betrayed her family, tried killing them (Indra, Itachi), or had a revenge quest (Sasuke, Obito). This is due to Sasuke and Sakura, who have made their relationship work despite Sasuke's constant absence.

Of course, this might've gone smoother and avoided a headache if Sasuke dropped in now and then. While it may have been for their safety and further the Ōtsutsuki investigation, it also caused Sarada to seriously think about whether she was adopted or Karin was her real mom. It's still better than Itachi and Sasuke nearly being caught up in a coup.

6) Better Sharingan development


Though the Sharingan still develops at times of intense emotion, Sarada's is growing more steadily and with more training and calm than prior Uchiha. She already has three tomoe in her, though not the Mangekyo or Eternal yet. Fortunately, thanks to her parents, she may not have to unlock those.

The awakening of the Mangekyō Sharingan was mistakenly stated to be from killing a best friend or a significant other. It's seeing a loved one or someone close to the user dies before them. Thankfully, Sakura and Sasuke agree that Sarada's not going down that road, instead of going for her Sharingan and chakra control development.

7) An Uchiha with a lot of friends

Pictured: Sarada and the squad. (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Uchiha was very emotionally distant and antisocial, not to put too fine a point on it. The entire clan wasn't known for a lot of their friendship or emotional states. In fact, due to their treatment by the Leaf beauracracy, they weren't all that friendly with the entire Hidden Leaf after the Kurama attack by Obito and Madara's attack during the First Hokage era.

By the time of the New Era, Sarada possessed a lot of friends. At least Cho Cho and the others in class before she became friendly with Boruto. She may have been distant at first, but Sarada did come around and made friends, unlike her father, who repeatedly tried to kill his teammates. Sarada is nearly like Naruto in her friendliness.

8) A better sense of duty

Boruto and Sarada have the same Will of Fire to protect the Village, just like a future Hokage and her right-hand man should #BORUTO

The only Uchiha that performed his duty to his village was Itachi, and even then, he was caught in a Catch-22 situation. Madara turned on Hashirama and tried to destroy him and the town. Obito was convinced to turn, which led to Naruto's parents' destruction and death. Sasuke turned right around to go after his brother and tried to kill the Kage and destroy the village.

Sarada had none of that happens. In addition to the Hokage dream, Sarada is very dedicated to the Hidden Leaf. She often puts her life and body on the line for her village and everyone in it. Better than Sasuke's, even though he made a massive turnaround at the end.

9) No real hatred for the Senju or jealousy


This is a deeper cut from the Curse of Hatred. One of the curses did practically enshrine the Uchiha/Senju rivalry. From the time Indra betrayed Adura, the Senju and Uchiha clans have been fighting each other since the Warring States period. This hate would go on from Hashirama vs. Madara to Naruto vs. Sasuke.

This doesn't happen to Sarada. There's no vast jealousy complex against Boruto, and Naruto is practically her idol. Sarada even stated her inspiration to become Hokage came from Naruto helping her out of an emotional rut she was in regarding her parents. That's a massive change from the first part of Naruto, where Sasuke tried to kill Naruto, and the rest of the Uchiha did likewise to other Senju.

10) Being in a better mental health state

It’s March 31st in Japan. Happy Birthday to the Chunin Captain of Team 7 and the Future Hokage of Konoha, Sarada Uchiha🥗. #うちはサラダ生誕祭2022 #Sarada

This has more to do with the time of peace in Naruto's next generations, but it still counts as redeeming the Uchiha. In the past, the old Uchiha Clan in Naruto were all stricken with poor mental health, from trauma to god complexes to PTSD and everything in between.

Being in a better mental state helps everyone make better decisions, and not facing constant manipulation, and horrible discrimination helps. Sarada has this in spades, with Sasuke and Sakura helping her out. The time of peace is beneficial to mental health, too, with no vast conflicts weighing on anyone's minds.

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