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Naruto Villains Pain, Itachi, and Kabuto (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Which Naruto villain are you according to Zodiac sign?

Since fandom and astrology have been around longer than most people remember, fans of media like Naruto have often tried to match characters with their zodiac signs.

Sometimes the selections are more of an approximation of what signs fans think characters fall under due to their personalities or actions. Other times it's based on their exact date of birth and how well they fit that particular sign (Sakura being a Cancer, for instance).


Naruto villains and their zodiac signs

Note: These reflect only the authors' opinions, as multiple characters share the same sign. It also contains spoilers according to the character's fate. These are based on dates of birth or closest approximations. Only one villain per sign was considered.


1) Aries: Hidan


No surprises here, Hidan from Naruto Shippuden being an Aeries. This sign is categorized negatively by impulsiveness and aggression, which totally describes the immortal and bloodthirsty Hidan. Since he's immortal, he often gets impatient with opponents, is extremely short tempered, and ends up making mistakes.

Hidan also doesn't have any moral restraints and was incredibly arrogant which led to his death. He barreled right into Shikamaru's trap and got buried and blown up likewise. A very worthwhile warning sign of a villain to all Aeries signs to never let your temper and arrogance get the better of you.

2) Aquarius: Obito Uchiha

Obito Uchiha circa Naruto Shippuden (Image by Studio Pierrot)

Obito Uchiha is definitely an Aquarius for multiple reasons. In his early years, he was an outgoing and energetic kid who liked going on missions with Kakashi and Rin. He got buried beneath a boulder after rescuing Rin and had to be left for dead, met Madara Uchiha, and went evil.


The negativity in an Aquarius definitely shone through on Obito when Kakashi accidentally killed Rin, as most Aquarius signs hate broken promises. It was clear when Obito made Kakashi swear to keep Rin safe and he tried constantly to keep her safe but she killed herself rather than being used.

Obito hated Kakashi afterward, and fought for a new cause: the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

3) Cancer: Jirōbō

Good morning #Jirobo #SoundFour #Naruto http://t.co/kH7tXi00Zi

This one might be a stretch, but the only other villain that fits the sign is Kin Tsuchi - a Sound Village Kunoichi who got knocked out during the Chunin Exams arc after her fight with Shkiamaru and later sacrificed to summon the First and Second Hokage. So the portly and tall Sound Four member Jirōbō is the representative.

Out of all Sound Four Members, Jirōbō was usually the most polite, sensible, and calm. He was also the closest to the team, attached to Tayuya despite their bantering, so much so that he recognized Shikamaru as an imposter. He did show a few good traits of a Cancer sign.

4) Capricorn: Madra Uchiha


If all the negativity and weaknesses of a Capricorn, being a Know-it-all, unforgiving, and condescending was ever hard pressed into a single person, that would be Madara Uchiha. He was smug and superior, and hated everything that didn't align with his goals in Naruto Shippuden.

Despite this, Madara embodied some of the positive traits of a Capricorn. This is, in no particular order, his sense of discipline and self control, his responsibility toward himself, his plans, and learning and adapting to any mistake he otherwise made when raising the Ten Tails.

5) Gemini: Itachi Uchiha

𝗜𝘁𝗮𝗰𝗵𝗶 𝗨𝗰𝗵𝗶𝗵𝗮

Itachi Uchiha symbolized the dual nature of a Gemini across all of Naruto. The slayer of the Uchiha Clan, never caring for Sasuke is heavily contrasted with the traumatized older brother trying to take on the burdens of the horrors of the world in a major balancing act Geminis go through.

Itachi's quick wit and adaptability to his circumstances guaranteed him an edge in his fights. It also helped him befriend his Akatsuki coworkers, mostly Kisame as Deidara hated his guts. Of course, Itachi's indecisiveness concerning the Uchiha Clan never helped when Danzo Shimura forced the issue.

6) Leo: Kakuzu


Kakuzu is very old, but also very angry and greedy. Again, all of the negative traits a Leo can have are shoved into him and Hidan by extension. Though his arrogance isn't quite as heavy as Hidan's, being immortal definitely helped boost it.

Kakuzu is mostly attached to money, always dedicating himself to the goal of getting more which is ideal for a Leo in a career in management.

Kakuzu is most likely to be the stubborn and inflexible type, as his rages tend to be violent and override any common sense he may otherwise have. Anyone that kills their last three of four partners really has nothing to say on the subject of being warm-hearted.

Humorous is another positive trait though, as his barbs against Hidan don't tend to cut deep and are intended as humor.

7) Libra: Jūgo


Jūgo, again, is one of the only people befitting the term 'villain' that would fit the bill even if it's a looser definition. The only other person who fits a Libra sign is the one-off villain Mizuki, and Jūgo has more focus in the series. Now, as a Libra Jūgo fits the bill as he is a very gentle soul that avoids conflict where possible.

Jūgo was even called "Jugo of the Scales" by Pain, Libra's symbol is a scale. He hates being alone and is rather indecesive at the best of times. Jūgo does fit the idea of a harmony with nature with a Libra sign, preferring the company of animals to people akin to Android 16 from Dragon ball Z.

8) Piscis: Konan

Konan vs Tobi was an underrated fight 🌧️

One of the founders of the original Akatsuki, Konan fits the idea of the Pisces rather well. She is wise and intuitive, as she was Nagato/Pain's right hand at all times and scrutinized people when they overstepped. Though she was also rather saddened by Yahiko's death and retreated into herself afterward.

Of course, her talents with paper and creativity with it are not to be forgotten even if they were used for and in defense of evil deeds like the sealing of the Tailed Beasts and destruction of the Hidden Leaf. She wasn't keen on the past coming back to haunt Nagato and ultimately did martyr herself to try stopping Obito.

9) Sagittarius: Kidōmaru


Again, the only other villains in Naruto were one-timers. Kidomaru was the spider of the Sound Four in Naruto's Sasuke Retrieval Arc. Like many in the Sagittarius sign, Kidōmaru is thmost enthusiasticne or at least the one most open to jokes as he enjoys combat to the point of thinking it as a game.

The problem was that his sadistic streak made him impatient and he underestimated Neji Hyuga's determination to win. Perhaps don't go Curse Mark Level 2 and keep trying for a blind spot your opponent has planned for? That's a key weakness with Sagittarius' that spelled Kidōmaru's doom, the impatience and overpromising.

10) Scorpio: Orochimaru

Happy 'Birthday' Orochimaru, you sassy, sadistic skin changer. Tag yourself, which Orochimaru are you today? #Naruto

Naruto's most iconic villain having the scorpion sign is far too accurate. Scorpio's tend to be powerful, resourceful and passionate as their strengths, with them liking facts, being right, and talented. Orochimaru fits all of this and more, since he's arguably the smartest of Naruto's villains, or at least the most well researched.

The opposite side of the sign is also true. At their worst, Scorpio's are jealous, manipulative, and rather violently distrusting. Orochimaru has that too in spades, seen when he betrayed the Akatsuki to gain Itachi's Sharingan. Sasuke ended up killing him, Kabuto tried replacing him, the hidden leaf considered him a criminal and the Akatsuki ended up trying to kill him.

11) Taurus: Deidara


The explosive "artist" Deidara is quite the Taurus in Naruto Shippuden. The idea of working with his hands to do his art is definitely an obsession of his, and that he's devoted to it. Unfortunately, this usually means that he can be rather possessive of his view of art as a single moment and very uncompromising in this belief.

This definitely manifests in his arguments with Sasori over art, the two of them being completely stubborn about how they viewed art in Naruto Shippuden. The other part of it is the idea of complications, as Deidara kept being battered at all times after helping extract the SHukaku.

Perhaps don't take out your frustrations on Sasuke, perhaps Deidara could've avoided his explosive death.

12) Virgo: Pain/Nagato


Nagato/Pain was, again, the only villain in Naruto that fit the bill. Let's see how well he fits in. Pain is definitely in the loyal category, loyal enough to the vision that the original Akatsuki started off in and most definitely practical. The only thing that he doesn't have is that nature of cleanliness that Virgos typically love.

Taking center stage, though, wasn't his idea. Pain used Yahiko's body to carry his messages in Naruto Shippuden, and ultimately asking for aid was not the first thing on their minds in the original Akatsuki. By the time Pain faced off against Naruto, he definitely had that overtly critical weakness down which blindsided him.

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