These X-Men members also worked as Avengers (Image via Marvel)

10 best X-Men characters who also joined the Avengers

X-Men and Avengers are the two most popular superhero groups in the Marvel universe, and we’ve seen these groups giving birth to several powerful characters. Since both X-Men and Avengers share the same comic book universe, we’ve seen several crossovers of these mighty groups.

For instance, we’ve seen mutants like Havok, Firestar, and Sunfire join the Avengers for a while. Several powerful mutant villains, including Magneto, have clashed with the Earth’s Mightiest heroes.


Similarly, several other crossover events made some popular X-Men members join the Avengers, and they worked with the likes of Iron Man and Captain America.

These X-Men members were a crucial part of the Avengers

1) Wolverine

Wolverine is one of the influential X-Men members (Image via Marvel)

Along with being a continual member of X-Men, Wolverine has also gained popularity as an essential member of the group. Wolverine was always an ally of the group, and he worked closely with Iron Man in several instances.

However, he never joined the first Avengers group; instead, he became a crucial member of the Young Avengers. He helped the group against Sauran, and after Wanda's breakdown, Iron Man asked Logan to join the team.

After that, Logan helped the Young Avengers in several missions, and he was a part of the team during the Civil War and Skrull Invasion.

2) Quicksilver

Quicksilver is Scarlet Witch's sibling (Image via Marvel)

The super-speedster sibling of Scarlet Witch has appeared as one of the most crucial members of the group. The character was first introduced as part of the superhero group in The Avengers #16 in 1965.

Iron Man recruited both Wanda and Quicksilver, and they both later joined the first generation of the Young Avengers. Quicksilver has fought against several powerful villains as the Avenger, including Magneto.

However, after his sister gets injured during a mission, he flees from the group and joins Magneto's group. In the MCU, however, only Wanda joined the group, and her brother met a dark fate.


3) Beast

Wonder Man asked Beast to join the group (Image via Marvel)

Our beloved blue X-men member was also an Avenger in the comic books. After his cure to get back into human form, the character joined the group and went another way.

At this point, Beast leaves the X-men and finds a new path to fight evil with the new group. Wonder Man liked Beast and asked him to join the group. The character stayed with the group for a while and fought beside them.

However, he couldn't let go of the group of young mutants who needed guidance to control their powers. So, Beast later quits the group and rejoins the X-Men as the school's vice-president.

4) Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch is one of the leading members of Avengers (Image via Marvel)

Yes, Scarlet Witch is a mutant, and for several years, she and Quicksilver worked for Magneto for a while. So, even though she wasn't a part of X-men, Wanda did spend her fair share of time with the mutants. She was an enemy of the X-men because of her connection with Magneto.

Wanda didn't receive much recognition during her time with the Mutants, but she was an integral part of the Earth's mightiest, both in the comics and the MCU. However, that changes when Wanda loses her sanity and becomes a threat.

5) Storm

Storm worked closely with Charles Xavier (Image via Marvel)

Every X-Men enthusiast is familiar with Storm, the mutant who is one of the initial members of Charles Xavier's team. She has fought multiple enemies, including Magneto, as part of the X-Men. However, many fans know that Storm was also a member of Earth's Mightiest in the comic books.

Storm joined the group in issue 19th of the Avengers Vol. 4. The mighty heroes called her to accompany Wolverine and other X-Men members to fight Norman Osborn and HAMMER.

6) Rogue

Rogue always found it challenging to work with Wanda (Image via Marvel)

Rogue wasn't a traditional member of the group, and she several times appeared as a villain in the comics. However, later circumstances led Rogue to become an X-Men and the Avengers member.

However, Rogue's journey as the Avenger wasn't smooth, as she always collided with Wanda because of her powers. Finally, she goes Rogue against Wanda for her actions against the Mutants, ending her journey as the Avenger.

7) Sunspot

Sunspot is one of the influential members of Young Mutants (Image via Marvel)

Sunspot was one of the most influential members of Young Mutants. He can absorb solar energy and use it as an attack. Despite being an egoistic maniac, Sunspot gets invited into the group by Captain America.

Initially, Sunspot supported the superhero group by taking over AIM, but things didn't go smoothly for Sunspot, and finally, he created his team to do things his way.

8) Cannonball

Cannonball joined the group with the Sunspot (Image via Marvel)

Similar to Sunspot, Cannonball is also a member of Young Mutants, who joined the group with Sunspot. He can fly at super jet speed and was one of the founding members of the Junior X-men team.

Sunspot was already an influential member of the X-men, and Captain America asked him to join the superhero group to bridge the gap between mutants and humans.

Since then, the superhero has appeared in multiple Avengers issues, including Avengers vol. 5 #1-23 (2013) and #38-44 (2015), and Avengers World #1-18 (2014-2015).

9) Sabertooth

Sabertooth is a powerful assassin in the Marvel universe (Image via Marvel)

Sabertooth is a powerful mutant known for his neutral approach in the X-men universe. He is a famous assassin who knows how to get the job done, so Nick Fury recruited him into the group.

Nick Fury knew that Sabretooth wouldn’t hold back when fighting his enemies, which is something that superheroes like Iron Man and Captain America lacked. Sabretooth has always been looked upon as an anti-hero in the Marvel universe. It was the same when the character joined the group.

Sabretooth faced several powerful enemies as an Avenger; however, his prime enemy was Karven the Hunter.


10) Deadpool

Deadpool is one of the quirkiest mutants (Image via Marvel)

Deadpool is probably one of the most controversial mutants in Marvel. His quirky way of handing things always grabbed the attention of every superhero. However, Captain America took notice of Deadpool’s potential and asked him to join the Earth’s Mightiest group.

Interestingly, Deadpool followed Cap’s rules of not killing evil peeps as the Avenger. However, when Captain America went rogue in Secret Empire, Deadpool lost himself and returned to his previous self.

But it’s hard to deny that Deadpool worked on behalf of the Earth’s Mightiest and was a crucial member of the group.


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