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From Batman to Jessica Jones: Ten best detectives in comics

There's nothing more thrilling than watching the pieces of a spicy mystery unfold, especially when we talk about comic book fans. Whether it's Batman or Jessica Jones, comic book readers admire detectives. Even if we go almost a decade back in time, the success of Detective Comics and Batman is considered the most remarkable achievement for DC Comics.

@erstkate The 1940s style detective theme from Jessica Jones. It won an Emmy for best opening music.

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So today, let's see which detectives in comic book history shine among the rest.

Ranking the most skilled detectives in comics

10) Daredevil

Daredevil (2011) #23 (Image via Marvel Comics)

Comic book fans worship Daredevil for being the fearless protector of Hell's Kitchen. Matt Murdock is an acrobatic anomaly with heightened senses who uses them to apprehend criminals. Another advantage that Daredevil possesses that helps him in his investigative journey is his vast knowledge as an attorney.

When Matt was young, he lost his eyesight due to being exposed to chemicals from a truck while trying to save an elderly man from getting hit. Although the chemicals took his sight, they also gave him extremely heightened senses.

9) Hannibal King

Nightstalkers #1 (Image via Marvel Comics)

Hannibal King is one of the most sought-after investigators in the Marvel universe. While his specialty lies in his determination and persistence, he has other excellent traits such as his exceptional energy, durability, discipline, and intelligence.

Raised in Wisconsin, King grew up to become a Private Investigator and became a Vampire shortly after, while he was solving a case in London. Despite having an insatiable hunger for blood, he controlled himself and never gave in to it. He bought blood from hospitals and drank it from dead bodies rather than causing any harm to the living.

Widely known as a vampire detective, he has solved many cases with the Nightstalkers and has earned a place on this list.

8) Martian Manhunter

Justice League (2018) #1 (Image via DC Comics)

Martian Manhunter is a founding member of the Justice League and an essential part of the DC universe. However, before this heroic Martian came to earth, he was a celebrated police officer on Mars, which is how he got the name Martian Manhunter (the police officers are called manhunters on Mars).

J'onn has a lot of extraordinary powers and abilities that he uses to solve the unsolvable. He can fly, shape-shift, read minds, phase through anything, and has enhanced senses.

7) John Constantine

Justice League Dark (2018) #1 (Image via DC Comics)

The leader and best detective of the Justice League Dark deserves to be on this list. While John's process usually involves a lot of drinking, he is considered a proficient investigator by all of the Justice League. The man possesses magical powers like astral projection, divination, mind control, exorcism, pyrokinesis, and necromancy, which help him crack a case with ease.


He is considered the best occult investigator in the entire DC universe and has helped Batman in solving many cases regarding the supernatural.

6) Misty Knight

Spider-Island: Heroes for Hire #1 (Image via Marvel Comics)

Another great investigator from the Marvel universe is Mercedes Knight, who is an amazing martial artist and one of the leaders of the Heroes for Hire agency. With a strong desire to help the people of New York and an unshakable will, Misty has proven to be one of the best detectives in comic books.

Before becoming an investigator for the Heroes for Hire agency, Misty was also a dedicated police officer. Misty was so devoted that even after losing her right arm in the line of duty, she continued to fight crime with a bionic arm and endless courage.

5) Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones (2018) #1 (Image via Marvel Comics)

Jessica Jones is widely known among comic book fans as one of the greatest detectives in the Marvel universe. From her first appearance as a private detective in Alias Investigations to being an Avenger after marrying Luke Cage, Jones has solved many challenging cases.

She is clever and street smart and possesses a range of powers like superhuman strength, superhuman durability, telepathic resistance, and accelerated healing. Apart from being a star PI, Jessica has also been an investigative journalist for The Pulse, which has made her skills shine in front of the world.

4) Red Robin

Red Robin #1 (Image via DC Comics)

Tim Drake was the third Robin to Batman, now known as Red Robin. Trained by the Dark Knight himself, Tim possesses the capability to surpass the entire Bat family when it comes to detective skills.

Tim was able to deduce the fact that Bruce Wayne and his ward Dick Grayson were Batman and Robin at the mere age of nine. After Jason Todd's (the second Robin) death, Tim demanded to be Robin, and to learn under the guidance of the Dark Knight, which is how he became Robin. Some even say that he is the best Robin of all who has carried the name.


3) Nightwing

Titans (2016) #19 (Image via DC Comics)

Another member of the Bat-Family, Nightwing presently holds the title of the second-best detective in the DC universe. While some might argue that Tim Drake deserves a higher spot than Nightwing, most agree that comprehensive experience gives Dick an edge. While Tim has the potential to surpass him (and Batman), he still has more experience to gain.

Dick Grayson was Robin for ten long years, from age eight to age eighteen, which is longer than any Robin has been beside Batman. He was also an agent for Spyral (a spy agency), the protector of Bludhaven: Nightwing, and the first choice for the cape and cowl when Batman was declared dead.

Dick has trained the Bat-Family, the Titans, the Outsiders, and even some members of the Justice League when it comes to detective skills.

2) James Madrox

Multiple Man #1 (Image via Marvel Comics)

James Madrox, also known as the Multiple Man, is the best detective in the entire Marvel universe. What makes James the best at the skill of investigation is his vast knowledge due to duplication experience transference.

Multiple Man can duplicate himself as many times as he wants, and his duplicates can also replicate themselves once after being copied. However, when Multiple Man absorbs his duplicates back into his body, he gains the knowledge, skills, and experience that the duplicate had, making him one of the most formidable characters in comic book history.

James also works as a Private Investigator in Mutant Town and utilizes his powers on a daily basis to solve the most unsolvable cases, whether they fall into the occult or the primary category.

1) Batman

Batman and Robin (2011) #23 (Image via DC Comics)

The Bat Family should be called the Detective Family. Fans love and worship the investigative skills of the Dark Knight. Batman has been given the title of the greatest detective for years and has easily surpassed every other detective in the comics based on his incredibly refined skills and abilities.


He is so proficient that he has trained his entire family to become one of the most renowned detectives in the DC universe, and it is safe to say that each one of them can continue his legacy (two of them are even on the list).

With an IQ of 192 and abilities like his genius-level intellect, eidetic memory, gadgetry, expert strategy formulation, expert detection, and expert deduction, nothing goes unnoticed by Batman. What makes the Dark Knight even more special is the fact that he has no superpowers but has managed to become not just the greatest detective of all time but one of the greatest superheroes of all time.

@Nightuwingu @AxelRma213 I mean most of the top members in the Batfamily can. Dick created a cure for Atlanteans that Atlanteans didn't figure out.

Next time there's a "smartest people on earth" thing, Tim and Dick should be invluded like that one time Supes had Dick come in when he needed detectives.

Do you enjoy mysteries in your comic books? If so, tell us about your favorite detective and why. Let us know in the comments.


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