Destiny 2 spider armor set (Image via Bungie)

Destiny 2 is letting players vote on creepy Festival armor sets for next year

Destiny 2's Festival of the Lost has always celebrated Halloween, with the community's favorite Guardian Eva Levante bringing in weapons, currencies, triumphs, and more. However, one significant aspect of the Festival event is fashion, which is also applicable in most cases for players.

Although the majority of the community prioritizes farming loot and triumphs, most want to look good while doing so. In their most recent TWAB (This Week at Bungie), the company revealed the concept art of their upcoming armor sets for Festival of the Lost.


Typically, the community can choose to vote for their favorite armor set, be it the Beetle or the Spider set.

Newly announced Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2023 armor sets will be up for voting

As mentioned earlier, Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2023 will feature two new armor sets to choose from, including the beetle and the spider set. This is similar to the mecha and dinosaur-themed sets from last year, where the community got together and made the latter win by the tiniest of margins.

Beetles armor set as teased by Bungie (Image via Destiny 2)

Additionally, Bungie stated that they felt last year's vote was inconsistent across classes. To ensure that players get the armor sets they want in a specific class, the company will be making some interesting changes to the voting system. Instead of tying in all three armor sets together, any player who mains a specific class can choose to vote for only their preferred class.

what are you voting for?

Hunter: Spider
Titan: Beetle
Warlock Spider

This year's theme falls under one particular concept, which seems to be leaning towards the creepy side of things. As a result, both the "beetles" and the "spiders" sets have separate takes on the same theme. Bungie stated the following regarding their newly announced armor sets for 2023's Festival of the Lost:

Instead of making two themes, we've chosen “creepy crawlies” as this year's theme. You’ll be voting on two different interpretations: A spooky spider style or a bone-chilling beetle body. This means that if Titans want to live the arachnid life and Hunters can't live without glowing wings, everybody wins!

Players who have already signed up for Bungie accounts will be receiving an email regarding the vote. The major difference between last year and this year, however, is that the voting won't be done based on a single armor set.

Destiny has always been #teamBeetle…
Yall team Spider or team Beetle?

Anyone wanting to mix and match by class?

An example of this has been given by Bungie, as they stated that a Hunter main will be given an exclusive Hunter email. Here, the options could be between either the Hunter beetle or the Hunter spider. Additionally, there will also be another link, where players can choose to vote for a secondary character as well.

Essentially, Bungie is hoping to get the best out of both sets in the game across all three Destiny 2 classes.

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