Ludwig provided insights about how he planned on making money as a co-owner of an esports team (Image via Mogul Mail/YouTube)

Ludwig details the "main ways" he plans on making money after joining Moist Esports as a co-owner

On January 26, 2023, YouTube Gaming star Ludwig announced that he would be joining Moist Esports as a co-owner. The same day, he took to his YouTube channel, Mogul Mail, to provide further insight into some of the plans that he had.

After revealing his reasons for joining Moist Esports as a co-owner, Ludwig detailed how he planned on making money through the venture. He claimed that the new esports organization had an advantage that "most teams don't."

happy to announce I’m a co-owner of Moist Esports !!…

"We have a lot of leverage!" - Ludwig talks about content creators developing their own professional esports teams and making money through the venture

At the three-minute mark of his video titled "Huge News," Ludwig stated that there was a good possibility of him making money, claiming that Moist Esports had some advantages that other organizations didn't have.

Ludwig used the example of Twitch streamer Jeremy "Disguised Toast's" professional Valorant esports team, DSG, and stated:

"I think we have an advantage that most teams don't. The same advantage that somebody like Disguised Toast would have, which is the exact tweet I sent out to him, a week ago about the same topic. We're all content creators and in this space, where every single venture capitalist group freaks out, gushes, and c*ms their little pants at the sentence 'creator economy,' we have a lot of leverage!"

The former Twitch streamer then listed out three different methods of potentially making money as a co-owner of Moist Esports. The first option involved "packaging sponsors" with the esports company:

"The first one, package sponsors with yourself and the esports company. You know, if I do a good job with like, NordVPN or like, I don't know, Red Bull. They'd want to sponsor me, but maybe I could also package in sponsoring my esports team. It's only more value. It's only more eyes on it and they trust the work that I've done."

Ludwig went on to say that he had looked into the monetary figures that esports tournaments generate through sponsorship, claiming that it "pales in comparison" to what a streamer would make for the "same exact deal."


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The second point that the Mogul Money Live host mentioned was about "making a product." This time, he used the example of One True King's PC-building venture, Starforge Systems, and elaborated:

"I've made Swipe Bidets, for example. Like, if every single Rocket League player had to use my bidets, okay, this is getting kind of weird. But it would make the product bigger. It'd be like a marketing tool for it. I think better examples would be like, Starforge PC with OTK. Now, they've been through some other s**t that makes Starforge not so successful, but you get the picture. You know? You can really imagine things like Prime and Feastibles being multi-billion dollar companies in the next five years."

Ludwig's final suggestion was to build a strong esports team and eventually sell it. He mentioned how Misfits Gaming pivoted to content creation after selling their LEC (League of Legends European Championship) spot for tens of millions of dollars:

"Option three is getting a really f***king good team and selling it. Or like, selling a roster spot. Like people do in League of Legends, all the time. It's what Misfits did. I think they sold their LEC spot for like $20-$30 million, or something like that and then they pivoted to content creation. But you can buy a roster, you can sell the roster to another team and it's basically like having a speculative asset."
@DisguisedToast Could be feasible if you

1) package yourself and your team to sponsors (moist)

2) create new products that you own and the team is a vehicle to promote (panda controller (rip))

3) develop an insane roster and let a tier 1 team buy it out

Fans react to Ludwig joining Moist Esports as a co-owner

Over 2,620 fan reactions were posted in the YouTube comments section, with several community members sharing heartfelt messages for the streamer. Some of the most relevant fan comments were along these lines:

Fans reacting to the streamer's video (Images via Mogul Mail/YouTube)

While one viewer expressed excitement to see Ludwig and MoistCr1TiKaL working together as professional esports team owners, another fan lauded the former for his "level of transparency."

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