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8 weirdest Fortnite storyline anomalies found in the game throughout the years

Fortnite is a strange and wonderful world filled with memorable characters and events that span half a decade. Over the years, many unexplainable anomalies have appeared in the game's storyline.

While some have a rudimentary explanation, others have left fans baffled and without an answer. Although many theories are being tossed about, no one knows why these anomalies occurred or what they even are.


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These anomalies can't seem to be explained in Fortnite


8) Crack in the sky


The Sideways Rift, aka crack in the sky, which occurred in Chapter 1 Season 4, remains a mystery. How it got there and who created it has remained unknown.

While it can be debated that the Cube Queen created a rift to send forth a scout cube, then why invade Fortnite's reality with a fleet?

If the Gold Cubes could power the Queen's Cradle, surely it could have been used to create more rifts through which an army could have been sent.


7) Ice King and Cube Queen


Just as mysteriously as he appeared, the Ice King had vanished from Fortnite. During the fight between Mecha and Catus, his castle was destroyed, and this all-power ice elemental king was never heard from again.

The same fate befell the Cube Queen. After the island flipped over, she sank to the bottom of the ocean. No doubt Epic Games will leave her in her watery grave for the next few years.

6) Jonesy meeting a Looper


One of the most peculiar events in Fortnite's history is the meeting between Jonesy and a player. After Midas' device failed to breach the storm, players were teleported into the Imagined Order's office and broke the fourth wall.

To date, it's unclear how the device caused players to teleport from the island to an IO complex. While it can be debated that the loop was temporarily broken, teleporting players was never Midas' plan.

5) Rifts


Rifts have been occurring since the early days of Fortnite. However, it's still unclear who or what is causing them. Since they offer players a means to escape, the Imagined Order is surely not creating them by mistake.

While many of the rifts created are controlled experiments or necessary gateways, many are random and spontaneous. They lead to different dimensions, and some even open a gateway to the real world.

4) The Gold Cube


While it's common knowledge that the Purple Cubes were manifested into existence by the Cube Queen, no one knows the origin of the Gold Cube.

At first, it was thought that only one in existence was used by the Queen as her abode.

However, when the Queen's Cradle was first spotted, another Gold Cube could be seen powering it. If these cubes are not unique, then what are they? Hold old, are they, and where exactly in the Metaverse do they come from?

3) Imagined Order controlling The Zero Point


With The Zero Point being as powerful as it is, one must ponder exactly how the Imagined Order can control it in Fortnite?

While technology and years of trial and error can be potential answers, the more accurate take on the situation would be that they can't, at least not entirely.

But one thing is true: they are using The Zero Point's energy to their advantage. Given how vast the organization is and how far its reach extends, it wouldn't be possible without a limitless energy source.

2) The Last Reality


The Last Reality comes from the depths of space and perhaps the edge of the Multiverse.

This alien civilization has been around for eons. Under the leadership of their Queen, they have destroyed worlds and subjugated others to fuel their empire.

And yet, no one knows who they are or how they even came to be. Is this alien civilization the manifestation of the Gold Cube, or did they create it? If so, if their main force finds a way to the island again, it will be shattered into infinite pieces.

1) Cattus


Of all the anomalies present in Fortnite's storyline, Cattus was the weirdest. It's unclear how or why his monster was buried underneath the ice and why it got there in the first place.

Since the Imagined Order oversees every island in all realities, it's somewhat perplexing how they missed spotting this creature. Even more mind-boggling is how its remains appear on the Fortnite Chapter 3 map.

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