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Minecraft Astroblock servers are lots of fun (Image via Mojang)

3 best Minecraft Astroblock servers of 2023

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world, and its popularity only keeps growing. This game allows you to build anything you can imagine in a 3D environment. As such, plenty of servers are available with tons of different mods, maps, and fun things to do.

Minecraft is not as simple as many people think; players can mod the game to add tons of interesting and unique stuff to the game. A popular mod in Minecraft is Astroblock, where you start on an asteroid and are stranded. Listed below are three servers that are considered to be the best Astroblock servers in Minecraft.


Minecraft Astroblock servers are incredibly unique and entertaining

3) MoxMC


IP address: moxmc.net

MoxMC is a top contender for the best Astroblock server (Image via Mojang)

MoxMC is a server that's based on the Astroblock mod. The server has a great community, making it easy to find other players to play with. If you're new to Astroblock, this is an excellent place for you as many of the players on the server are willing to help you with any questions you might have or teach you how to use different blocks or items in-game.

Many players find the subject of space fascinating, and if you're one of them, then MoxMC is an incredible server to play the Astroblock Modpack! You will be dropped off at a space station on an asteroid in MoxMC, where your main goal will be to make repairs and gather supplies so that you can get back to Earth. A mission book will be provided to you at the start of the game, which will help you on your space voyage. Once you complete the task in the book, you will get a commendable reward.

This server is home to a large variety of mods, even Pixelmon. On MoxMC, Pokémon may be caught, trained, and fought in Minecraft, thanks to the Pixelmon mod. It's a server adored by fans of both Minecraft and Pokémon. For anyone who enjoys PvP, construction, or the like, MoxMC is splendid.


2) AstroBlock Modded

IP address:

AstroBlock Modded is a very popular modded server (Image via Mojang)

AstroBlock Modded Server is a server that has been around since the early days of the Astroblock modpacks release. The server has a good and amicable community, so you will most likely feel comfortable playing on this server.

They have many game modes, such as Skyblock, Prison, and Factions. They also have mods and addons for you to use while playing on their servers, making it more interesting for everyone who plays there!

AstroBlock Modded also has quite a few worlds which vary from peaceful survival worlds to PvP-heavy ones, where everyone is trying their best to survive and destroy each other while doing so!

If you're looking for a modded Minecraft server with a great community, then AstroBlock Modded Server is the place to be. The server has been around for several years and has a big following of loyal players who enjoy its fun and active environment.

Another reason AstroBlock Modded Server is so popular is because of its mixture of mods. The most popular mod on this server is its Astroblock mod, which allows players to explore other planets in outer space, but it also has mods such as SkyFactory 4! This makes things much more exciting than what regular vanilla Minecraft gameplay would ever be!


1) AstroBlock

IP address: play.astroblock.net

AstroBlock is the best server for this modpack (Image via Mojang)

AstroBlock is a server that has been around for a while and it shows. The community is large, and there are a lot of players online at any given time. They have tons of mods and challenges, as well as events like Hunger Games or Sky Wars on weekends, where people can compete against each other in teams or solo player mode.

This server also has several mini-games that you can play with your friends. These include Dodgeball (which is similar to regular dodgeball but instead uses blocks), Ender Run (a race from one end of the map to another), Capture The Flag (you guessed it), Survival Games (another Hunger Games-type event), and more! Players can use the Astroblock modpack to make it more engaging and fun.

AstroBlock is a server with a friendly and helpful staff; the server is easy to use and has a good community. It has a good range of plugins and mods, making it more fun to play on.


Minecraft Astroblock server tips and tricks

Tip 1

The importance of doing these quests cannot be overstated. While many prizes are arbitrary, some are valuable and well-targeted. Players often get extremely useful resources for very little work.

Tip 2

It's fairly easy to build your rocket to travel to the Overworld. However, it is not easy to survive there. Spend some time getting ready. You can gain some excellent enchanted armor, tools, and weaponry that you'll need before you go with the help of Industrial Foregoing and Thermal Series.

Tip 3

It would be best if you were friends with hopping bonsai because they will pave the way for an excellent early, completely automated power system based on charcoal and Galacticraft Coal Generators. You will not obtain any apples, so look for another food source. Not just for the meat but also because you may create bait to entice chickens to start reproducing.

Tip 4


Construct an ambient thermal controller and install it in your oxygen sealer as soon as you can. If you're in a sealed area, this completely shields you from radiation. This is a crucial last step to fully livable your base.

Tip 5

Be sure to follow the server rules if you're joining a server for Astroblock, it will be similar to playing alone, but you will have to make sure not to interfere with other people's operations. You can claim your area and only allow people to visit on many servers, so make sure that is the case on the server you're playing on.

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