5 best Minecraft Prison servers in 2023

Minecraft Prison servers are loved by all (Image via Sportskeeda)
Minecraft Prison servers are loved by all (Image via Sportskeeda)

Minecraft is an incredible game with tons of different server concepts. In this game, prisons are a highly-liked mode that can be used as an escape from conventional gameplay. It also provides players with an opportunity for roleplay.

Tons of Prison servers exist, offering content such as PvP, roleplay, and more. Minecraft multiplayer servers can be hard to find, so this article will list five Prison servers considered the best of 2023.

Note: This article is purely based on the author's subjective opinion.

MineMalia and four other best Prison servers to choose from for Minecraft players

1) PurplePrison

IP address: purpleprison.net

PurplePrison is a fantastic Minecraft server choice (Image via Mojang)
PurplePrison is a fantastic Minecraft server choice (Image via Mojang)

PurplePrison is a prison-themed PvP server for Minecraft. Once you join, you'll enter the prison as a "New Inmate" and work your way up the ranks to become an "Escapee."

The PurplePrison universe is not without challenges. Rival gangs are continuously at war in this brutal and cruel environment. To survive, you either form your gang and enlist members or join an established gang.

Although this is a prevalent PvP server, it is not only known for its PvP. PurplePrison offers an intricate gambling system featuring /coinflip, /crash, and /itemflip. With these commands, players can gamble against other players for items/money or gamble against the server with the crash gamemode to make money out of thin air!

If you're interested in money but not so much in gambling, this server also offers an incredible economic shop system with a black market. Players can also set up unique shops and sell their items and earn money for profit, consequently becoming the Elon Musk of PurplePrison!

2) OPBlocks

IP address: opblocks.com

OPBlocks is an incredible server (Image via Mojang)
OPBlocks is an incredible server (Image via Mojang)

OPBlocks is a server that has been gaining popularity for its unique and effective prison system. The rules are pretty simple: no hacking, exploitation of glitches, spamming, and some other simple things you can view by reading /rules. The community is friendly and gladly accepts newcomers. Staff members respond quickly if there are questions or concerns about the server's rules.

OPBlocks is an excellent prison server for those who want to get into the game as soon as possible. It's simple and has every Minecraft feature you'd expect, but it still allows you to build freely without restrictions in the plot world. This makes it an excellent place for those who love to build.

On top of the excellent community and staff team behind the scenes, OPBlocks uses several plugins that add extra features and make playing more enjoyable overall:

  • Your productivity is increased by servants who automatically mine for currency and eTokens on your behalf.
  • Players can own private mines, some of the best in the game. Starting at Prestige 3, you can use the "/pmine" command to browse all available mines for rent before renting a Private Mine from another player. Whatever the quality level is after this, you need to have twice as much prestige.
  • Players can get money by selling objects from their plots at chest shops. Place a chest down on your property to establish a chest shop. Check out the server tutorials for more info.
  • You can make candies in your Candy Factory! Candys give you unique advantages that can benefit you in PvP or mining. The best candies are labeled as delicious, then tasty, and finally refined.

3) MCHub

IP address: mchub.com

MCHub is a prevalent Minecraft server (Image via Mojang)
MCHub is a prevalent Minecraft server (Image via Mojang)

MCHub is a prison server with a great community. The admin team is very active and helpful. They have many plugins and customizations that are easy to use, but they also have their unique ones! The community is amicable, helpful, and fun to be around. Everyone wants you to enjoy your time on the server (or at least most of them do). Overall, this is one of the top servers out there right now!

This server is one of the most popular servers due to the famous YouTuber F1NN5TER actively playing on it. F1NN5TER originally posted content around the Factions gamemode but has since changed direction and mostly posts Skyblock content, which this server also features.

There are various games to choose from, so you can find one that suits your tastes best. If you're looking for something simple and slow-paced, then Prison Roleplay may be right up your alley! Or if Pixelmon seems more like your thing, this server even offers that, with an immense playerbase!

4) Cosmic Prisons

IP address: cosmicprisons.com

Cosmic Prison is a unique server (Image via Mojang)
Cosmic Prison is a unique server (Image via Mojang)

Cosmic Prison is an excellent server for the Minecraft player who wants to get into a prison experience. A friendly and helpful staff runs it, and it is also an active community. The server also has an active discord server, which is a ton of fun to hang out in!

When you join, you'll notice several players already ready to play with you right away! This server has been around for years now, so it has many dedicated fans who have been playing since they were kids.

This server has many custom items that can make the game a lot more fun! Some examples of items are Lootboxes, Powerballs, Acidic Erosions, and an absolute bucketload more. Items can be used for mining, pvp-ing, or even collecting op items and money.

This server has a fascinating gang system where you can work and try to end the season at the top of the leaderboards. Seasons usually aren't insanely long, but there's enough time to grind for trillions of dollars.

5) MineMalia

IP address: play.minemalia.com

MineMalia is a prison server that allows the cracked version (Image via Mojang)
MineMalia is a prison server that allows the cracked version (Image via Mojang)

MineMalia is one of the best Minecraft prison servers for players who want to play with friends. It has a lot of custom plugins, so you can set up your prison and customize it however you like. This server also has many different game modes that can be played, along with support for the cracked version of Minecraft. If you're new to Minecraft and want to learn how to make your prisons or play fun games, this is an excellent place to start! Here is a quick list of some of the other game modes:

  • Survival
  • Duels
  • Arcade
  • Kitpvp
  • Skywars
  • Bedwars
  • Creative
  • Oneblock
  • Factions
  • Skyblock
  • Lifesteal

However, mines from A to Prestige 20 are available on the Prison server. Start by mining in /warp a, then sell your blocks using the sell signals to earn cash and move up the ranks. When you have enough cash to rank up, you can do so by typing /rankup. Then, type the appropriate command to teleport to each new mine, such as /warp b, or use the /mines command to view all the mines.

This Minecraft server also offers many custom features, such as shards which are an excellent way to improve a pickaxe's efficiency, luck, fortune, or the number of tokens it can extract from mining. Another cool feature this server offers is exchanging your money for XP in the trader store in prison by typing the command /trader.

Minecraft Prison server tips and tricks

Tip 1)

Mining in Minecraft can be tedious, undoubtedly a grind, and continuing the same mining method might become very taxing. Many seasoned Prison server players have addressed this issue by watching movies or listening to podcasts while mining.

Tip 2)

Some Minecraft servers offer backpacks; you should check if it's available on the server you decide to play on. With larger bags and the ability to mine for more extended periods, you can make marginally more money.

Tip 3)

Due to the nature of Prison servers, you will typically be put into a dangerous atmosphere automatically. Whoever you put your trust in can turn around and stab you in the back. The likelihood of winning the subsequent battle is high, so don't worry too much if you lose the first one. Just keep trying, and everything will turn out for the better in the end!

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