Disney X-Men'97 fashion collaboration of all time (Image via PeakPx)

5 best Disney’s X-Men fashion collaborations of all time 

2023 is a great year for X- Men lovers for two reasons— firstly, the great classic Marvel comics complete 60 years, and secondly, Disney+ brings the X-men'97 series molding in the modern covers. Last year, San Diego comic co-panel announced the return of several Marvel series in a 90 minutes teaser.

The return of the characters like Rogue, Beast, Gambit, Jean, etc is enough excuse for all the Marvel fans to be glued to the screen, and the added sharpness to the classic series visuals is the browny point. However, a die-hard fan always tries to celebrate the characters and the best way to do that is wearing them.


Wearing a tee shirt with an X-men graphic not only looks cool, but it conveys the emotions of the fan. This is the reason why brands focus more on collaborating with superhero characters to be in trend. Starting from Adidas to Disney, all have adopted X- Men in their apparel.

The top 5 X-Men collaborations of all time


1) Kith x Marvel collaboration on its 60th anniversary


Ronnie Fieg, the founder of Kith, used to collect X-men trading cards since childhood. Being a fan of this Marvel superhero, he has incorporated the characters into his fashion brand. On 28 July, a line of X-men-themed clothing that he produced in partnership with Marvel was on sale all around the world.

This collaboration consists of Vintage Tee shirts, Wool Varsity jackets, Satine bombers, Tapestry coaches jackets, Inertia knitwear along with some accessories like headwear, key chains etc. The vintage Jacket is featured in 230 GSM cotton with a ribbed neckline where the hoodie or the crew neckline is contoured in chunky cotton with the graphics.

However, the tapestry coaches' outwear is a combination of polyester and cotton, which has the Kith branding on the buttons. The price range lies between $10 and $220 for the collection.


2) Kith X Marvel and ASICS GEL-LYTE III Remastered


Asics, a company renowned for its gel technology in sneakers, collaborated with Kith and Marvel to provide a wide range of X-men apparel. The sneaker set comes with a PSA-based trading card from Uncanny X- men series 1.

This sneaker collection comes in seven colorways each of which portrays characters from the series. The Cyclops colorway features sporty mesh and pigskin suede upper in royal blue and yellow hues finished off with red velvet eyelets. Other characters like Beast, Gambit, Rogue, Storm, and Wolverine 1975 and 1980 are available in different colorways in Kith's stores on July 28.

3) Disney x Marvel on X- Men anniversary

Disney tote bag. (Image via Zavvi)

The relaunch of Marvel's X-men'97 is about to air on Disney + and to surprise Marvel fans, Disney launched some apparel collections that are available in Zavvi stores. The collection includes tee shirts, hoodies, beanies, tote bags, and caps with engraves of various characters from the series.


The polyester silhouette tote bag looks like an X-men junkie with eight characters imprinted on it. This bag, which has a 36-liter capacity with cotton handles and lining, costs $23 at the UK-based retailer Zavvi. Apart from that, other apparel like tee shirts or beanies have the retro X-men logo.

Inspired by Marvel the apparel is a fad these days and to flare out the wave of Marvel classic returns, Disney's huge collection will fuel the fire.

4) Bait's collaboration with Jim Lee's ' 90's X- Men capsule collection

T-shirt design from the collection. (Image via Bait)

Another collaboration comes from Bait, a USA-based brand that launched an apparel collection in 2022. Taking inspiration from the chief creative officer of Marvel Jim Lee's Blue and Gold team, Bait imprints them on the tee and hoodies.


A cotton silhouette Black hoodie is etched with the signature logo on the front and the back, having poised descriptions of the characters, simply representing the nostalgia for every '90s kid. This black hoodie in minimalistic design, however, is not available in the Bait online stores now.

The tee shirts from the collection come with the characters like Jane, Beast, Rogue, etc in multi-color, reminding the pages from the Marvel comic book. These multi-colored half-sleeve Tee shirts with Marvel and Bait branding, glued on the sleeves are available at the Bait store for $50. The dad cap in khaki and blue hues are also available in the store.

5) Adidas x X-men collaboration


With the Marvel fever on football cleats, Adidas has produced two colorways in their Predator series. Both colorways feature characters from the Wolverine and Cyclops Marvel series in various patterns.

The iconic wolverine-inspired predator soccer cleats are tinted in split yellow, stretching up to its collar with the 'wolverine' text. The black large ankle carries the predator + signature features, where the Wolverine graphic and logo are glued on the heel tab.

Adidas x X-Men soccer cleat colorways ( image via Sportskeeda)

Another colorway features the Cyclops. The design has a red color to represent the Cyclops concept vivid yellow and royal blue. The yellow color is etched with Adidas branding where the lateral side is imprinted with the Cyclops and the series logos on each side. Released in 2021, both cleats are available in different retail stores with various prices.


So, these are the best 5 fashion collaborations of X-men so far. Die-hard Marvel fans can embrace any of them to celebrate the 60th anniversary of classic X-men'97.


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