The SEVENTEEN rapper recently celebrated his 25th birthday (Image via PLEDIS Entertainment)

5 fun facts about SEVENTEEN's Mingyu

SEVENTEEN's Mingyu is a rapper, visual member, and part of the hip-hop sub-unit. Known to be the tallest member of the group, Mingyu holds writing credits for many of the group's hit songs, including Mansae, Clap, and Ready To Love.

Apart from his prowess as a rapper and songwriter, Mingyu is also a terrific chef, designated the "ramen cook" by the other members. This is no mean feat because the 13-member group eats twenty servings of ramen in one sitting.


Due to the rapper's skills as a cook and penchant for cleaning (since his trainee days), he acquired the nickname "Housewife Mingyu."

5 interesting facts about SEVENTEEN Mingyu


As one-thirteenth of SEVENTEEN, Mingyu has proved himself to be a dependable part of the group. He was also the emcee for Inkigayo for about two years, representing his group every week when he picked up the microphone to host.


Here are 5 fun facts about clumsy yet multitalented Mingyu that you might not know.

1) He recited the National Anthem for his audition at PLEDIS Entertainment

he looks so dreamy, predebut mingyu is definitely a great treasure 🥺
4:30 AM · Mar 15, 2021

When Mingyu was in middle school, he was street-cast by PLEDIS and asked to audition. He attended the audition in jeans and flip-flops, and was taken aback when asked to sing and dance. Unprepared, he sang the National Anthem accompanied by claps.

Irrespective, he was chosen as a trainee solely for his visuals. He has evolved to become a talented rapper, songwriter, and composer.

2) He has appeared in NU’EST’s Face music video

Mingyu trained with NU’EST members for about four years before the group debuted. Being a part of the same agency, he appeared in their first music video, Face, along with members Wonwoo, Hoshi, S. Coups, and Woozi.

Remember when Mingyu, Wonwoo, Jihoon and Hoshi appeared in the mv of hello venus "venus"?
7:42 AM · Oct 20, 2020

He also appeared in Hello Venus’ Venus music video. Even before debuting, he had already started to carve a niche for himself with his appearance in these videos.

3) He directed the Snapshoot music video

For SEVENTEEN's fifth anniversary, the Very Nice group released a special video that had Mingyu undertake many tasks. In the credits, he is listed as Director, Producer, Director of Photography, Editor, Gaffer, Art Director, 2D Artist, and Stylist.

The video has a fun, youthful vibe that makes anyone watching it smile. The members are dressed in clothes in their comfort zone, dancing to the song, reminiscent of one's carefree and jubilant time during adolescence.

The behind-the-scenes part of the video is hilarious, showing Mingyu running and trying to get the perfect shot of SEVENTEEN, aided by the staff members.

4) He can play the electric guitar

I know that not all of you has seen Mingyu playing an electric guitar so here it is!
7:46 AM · Jun 14, 2018

Is there anything Mingyu cannot do? He can rap, sing, act, compose, and even play the electric guitar! For the 2017 KBS Song Festival, he started off SEVENTEEN's performance with a rocking guitar solo, blowing the audience's socks off.

The thirty-second guitar riff showcased the unseen charms of the rapper. It was followed by a performance of the 13-member group's Clap, where Mingyu flexed his rap and dance skills.

5) His song with Wonwoo featured Lee Hi


In 2021, Mingyu and Wonwoo released a song with Lee Hi, describing the Bittersweet feeling of being in love. When love gets in the way of an age-old friendship, this song is born. With an R&B sound slipping in through melodious guitar strumming, Lee Hi's voice blends in well with Mingyu and Wonwoo's lyrical rapping.

The song would make for a perfect listen on a day of light rain, with a cup of hot chocolate and a bucketful of nostalgia to accompany the listener.

SEVENTEEN is all set to release their first English single in April, making fans excited to hear what the versatile, self-producing group will bring to the table this time. The group earlier teased the song, tweeting 13 apples from their official Twitter handle. The title of the song is Dar+ling, and the release date is fixed as April 15.

SEVENTEEN (세븐틴) Digital Single 'Darl+ing'
Title Poster

2022.04.15 1PM (KST)
2022.04.15 0AM (ET)

#Darling #달링
8:30 AM · Apr 6, 2022

The Rock with You group is getting ready for a comeback in May. According to a statement by PLEDIS Entertainment in response to speculations in the media:

"SEVENTEEN is preparing to make a comeback with a full-length studio album in May."

Exciting times are ahead for fans of the K-pop boy band!

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